Family Friendly Attractions In New Orleans

Family Friendly Attractions In New Orleans

Heading down South to Cajun country and the heart of Louisiana may not be what most would think is a great family vacation, but they would be wrong. These family attractions in New Orleans are perfect for a fun-filled vacation. Don’t forget to stop in for some classic Cajun cuisine, and of course a few beignets for breakfast or dessert.

Audubon Zoo

This beautiful zoo and adjacent park is great for a fun day out as a family. New Orleans takes pride in its zoo and offers a great day of adventure with your favorite animals. The whole family will enjoy the exhibits and walk away with more knowledge of their favorite zoo animals. With many exotic and native animals on exhibit, you won’t lack for something to look at and learn about.

National World War II Museum

This is a great tribute to those who lost their lives in our last world war. Exhibits featuring information about the period around the war, those left at home to manage things during the war, as well as the heroes who fought for our freedom make this a great teaching attraction for your whole family. The perfect way to share more about the history of the United States with your children.

Louisiana Children’s Museum

30,000 square feet of interactive children’s activities make this one of the best museums dedicated to kids you will ever experience. Great adventures await your children including the chance to pilot their own miniature steamboat, explore exotic new foods, and learn about the always common native alligators.

Steamboat Natchez

This elegant steamboat is the perfect place to spend a special evening out as a family. With classic antique furniture, this last active steamboat in the city is a great experience for everyone in your family.

New Orleans isn’t only about partying and Mardi Gras celebrations. This gorgeous city on the coast offers a ton of family friendly attractions your entire family will love. Whether educational, fun playtime, or experiencing a bit of culture that is rare to find these days, New Orleans is a wonderful vacation destination you won’t soon forget.

Family Friendly Attractions In New Orleans
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