Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Ready to Travel

Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Ready to Travel

A family vacation is an exciting time, but it can also be a source of stress. You might wonder how to get your kids ready, in addition to yourself. For example, what to pack and what to do at the destination? These tips will help you make sure the children are ready (and that you are too).

Choose the Destination Together

There are many places you want to go, and the same applies to your kids. Always consult your children before selecting the destination to make sure it’s one that appeals to them too.

Otherwise, you risk cranky kids who don’t have great memories of the travel experience. You might also consider choosing a vacation package that includes child-friendly itineraries, as well as booking a few things to do alone as a family in the destination country.

Start a Countdown

Get your kids counting down the days to the vacation to get them excited. There are many free printables online of the different months that you can use, although it’s probably best to stick with 30 days beforehand. 

Otherwise, they might lose interest over time. At the same time, make sure you reserve a parking spot close to the airport at a low price with the help of Parkon.com. When your car is in a parking spot close to a bustling airport like EWR, you have the peace of mind that your trip will have a smooth start.

Pack Items to Occupy Them

Whether you travel by airplane, boat, or another way, it’s important to think about the journey to the destination and back. The little ones could use a few toys to occupy them, especially if it’s a long travel time.

Before leaving, talk with your kids about how long the time in the airplane (or another mode of transportation) will take and what they can expect. Answer their questions to help them feel more comfortable with what is to come. 

Introduce Them to the Language

If you’re going somewhere where most people speak a different language than English, teach your boy or girl some vocabulary. “Hello” and “thank you” are great phrases for them to know.

Practice at dinnertime or using a language app. They might take a great interest in the language and want to become bilingual, which can provide them with benefits, including job opportunities.

What to Pack

Depending on the age of your little ones, consider showing them how to pack their suitcase. Help them by putting together clothes that match and would make a good outfit during the vacation, and then asking them which outfits they prefer to take with them.

Also, get out the laptop and sit with your kids while you look up the weather together to see what to it will be like during the trip, as well as discussing what activities you will do, such as swimming. Together, create a list of what they should pack, and help your children check each item off as they put it into the suitcase.

Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Ready to Travel

Final Thoughts on Family Travel

Experiencing a new country together as a family can bring beautiful memories that your children remember for a lifetime. Prepare with your kids now so that you all have the best trip possible.

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  1. We travel alot as a family. We are missionaries and my husband is from another country. We have 3 kids. One of my favorite things to pack for entertainment is a cheap photo album so the kids can flip through and look at the pics. Bonus if it’s filled with pics of family they will meet or see on the trip.

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