Never Too Old For Sandbox Playtime!

This year’s weather has just been odd. Colder and wetter to be exact in the Midwest. While normally I am a big fan of the rain, the excess of it lately has put off our outdoor activities like planting and bring out the water and sand toys. Mother nature must have known we were going wild being suck indoors and gave us a beautiful Memorial Day.

Never Too Old To Play In The Sandbox

Monday was filled with dad cleaning the yard and pressure washing the house and mom pulling out the outdoor toys and planting a color array of flowers, while the kiddos played in our new Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sandbox and having a water fight midday. Seriously, one is never too old for sandbox playtime and this is one of the activities that my pre-teens and younger boys all agree on.

Considering all of the rain we have had and the predicted forecast saying more is too come, we decided that the Cozy Coupe Sandbox would work wonderfully on the  front porch. This way even when the weather is not as pleasant as we would like, the kids could still play. This box also comes with a hand lid to keep it dry when not in use. The lid is lightweight which has a pro of allowing even my 5 year old to maneuver it. However in the same sense the weight is a con since it can be lifted and carried off by a big wind. Another reason we opted for a porch placement.

Summer Sandbox Fun

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Sandbox can hold up to 350 pounds of sand. That is pretty amazing in itself. We only added three 40 pound bags and have lots of room to spare. I plan to add one or two more this week to give them more to build castles and other creative structures with.

While we have many sand toys, one of Low’s favorites is the Dirt Digger also by Little Tikes. I have to agree since this truck is tough stuff. Ours has been rained on, sat on and even rolled down the stairway and it still looks fairly new. Every wee one should have a Dirt Diggers 2-in-1 Haulers Excavator of their own.

Little Tikes Dirt Digger and Sanbox

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