Aeromax’s My First Career Gear Review & Dr. Dylan Photos

What’s on the holiday wish list of today’s worldly kids? You may be surprised to learn that they still like to dress up and make-pretend. And just like kids of a generation ago, being a policeman, firefighter or astronaut tops the list for boys and girls. But looking the part just got a little more sophisticated!

Aeromax’s My First Career Gear makes the splendid gift idea for children ages 2-5. Due to their one piece top design, my son is able to create imaginary career path in a split second. They are super easy to take on and off. You will also find plenty of room for them to grow into allowing for years of play.

In the land of tea parties and princess dresses, it is amazing to find outfits that allows boys the same dress-up playtime as they female friends (and sisters in our case). So while my little ladies are getting ready for the ball, Dr. Dylan can make a surprise appearance and save the day when needed.

I believe the Aeromax’s My First Career Gear to be a solid construction, tight seamed, soft to the touch and ready to wear. These are simple pieces that will inspire positive paths in our children’s lives.

BUY IT: Purchase the Aeromax’s My First Career Gear including the Blue Doctor seem here from and

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