Marshmallow Fun Company Classic Popper Review

The idea of the Marshmallow Shooter is one that really puts a smile on my face. I imagine fields of marshmallows piled upon marshmallows with kids holding shooters with evil grins on their tiny faces. Though on a more serious note, the Marshmallow Gun is one of classic proportions. Every kids at some point wants one of these babies and even my five year old had this in his Santa letter this year.

The Marshmallow Fun Company Classic Popper is the ideal shooter for small hands. It is fairly simple to use. Just add a mini marshmallow to the circular chamber and pump (we suggest 12 times). Then pull the trigger and out comes the mini out into the air. It says you can get up to 30 feet in one shot but we normally get 5-20 depending on whom is doing the shooting. Still super fun and the best part is you get to eat the bullets too!

The Classic Popper makes a great under $10 gift idea. It is also small enough to make an excellent stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Marshmallow Fun SS Popper

Classic Popper is a futuristic single shot mini marshmallow shooter. Load one mini marshmallow into the front of the barrel, pump the yellow pump handle above the barrel a few times, and squeeze the trigger. Though the SS popper is small, only 6 inch in length, it can fire a mini marshmallow 30 plus feet!

BUY IT: The Marshmallow Fun SS Popper, Classic Popper is available from and

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