MUPS shoes, a true one pair for ever wear!


Not too long ago I shared my shoe obsession with my readers. Really it is possible to have dozens if not hundreds of shoes in various styles, colors and textures. I am a firm believer in the ‘shoes make the man’ statement. Call my nutso if you must but I prefer fashion quirky.

My shoe {and fashion love} was passed on to both of my daughters and from the moment my 7 year old, Nat, caught me shopping the MUPS website, she took over. She selected the Bella which is a black base with raised black polkadots. It was a wonderful choice that allowed for so much diversity when adding ornaments.

A popular choice as well since it is nearly sold out! Get the Bella while you can ladies.


Before I get too far ahead, let’s explain what makes MUPS unique. Each shoe in their collection has a velcro area at the top tip of the shoe. This area is designed so that the owner can simply buy additional shoe ornaments to change the look quickly and easily. With a basic black like the Bella my daughter choice, just about if not all of the MUPS ornaments will match accordingly.

In fact you can see the way we mixed and matched from the cream and black flower {included with the Bella shoe}


to the MUPS Logo {Gold with Black Dot}


and then to the dashing Suede Flower Red {my daughter’s favorite}.

Considering how well these fit and the comfort that my little lady says she has {2-3 wears a week}, I must my own pair of MUPS. Note the photo above is after multiply wears and they still look great. This is saying alot consider my daughter is a rough, seven year old.

Product summary:  Style: 4/5, Quality: 5/5, Functionality: 4/5

MUPS SHOES is a most definitely a unique shoe line with interchangeable ornaments to give your shoe a new look for every occasion,


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