Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly known as Valentine’s Day,is observed on February 14 each year. We in the US know it as the holiday of love and it is quickly approaching. I challenge you to break out of the chocolate box this year and get personal with those you adore. Here are a few valentines day gift ideas to help you along the way.

For the woman in your life:

  • Sparkly is always a welcomed idea. Diamonds and gold all around anyone?
  • Floral bouquet in her favorite colors. Do not be afraid to step away from the premade rose creations and request the florist to make something unique for you.
  • Don’t forget to be more personal with the card. A simple signature is just not enough on this special day.

“The Man”:

  • Create the element of surprise. Providing a moment not to be forgotten anytime soon.
  • Gadget lover? Seek out an accessory for his beloved unit.
  • Go floral. Yes, men love flowers as well.

Children’s gift ideas from beyond the candy isle:

  • Plan a mom and daughter’s day out. Start at the nail salon with pampering and polish all around; then have a nice luncheon at her favorite restaurant.
  • For the boys, visit your local Laser Tag arena or catch an action packed show in the theater.
  • Homemade gifts are just as love by our children. This Valentine’s Day create your own card to say how much you care. Don’t space the hearts and glitter!

Teacher's MagnetsTeachers:

  • Of course the standard teacher card will do, but why not extend that gratitude to those who shape the minds of our children with Teacher Magnets
  • Inspirational Bracelets


  • Be sure to remember mom and day with a handwritten note tucked in a sweet card on that special day. They will be happy to hear that their years of raising such a wonderful child were not forgotten.
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Mrs. Hatland is a 30-something married, mom of 7 and the face behind the popular online publication, Motherhood Defined. Known as the Iowa Mom blogger by her local peers and “The Fairy Blogmother” worldwide. She has professional experience in working closely with clients on brand ambassadorships, client outreach services, content creation and creative social media advertising exposure.

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