The Magic School Bus Blasting Off With Erupting Volcanoes / Jumping Into Electricity

The Young Scientists Club was founded in 1999 to fulfill a clear and simple mission: to engage boys and girls around the world in An Educational Science Adventure that Lasts a Lifetime. They do just this by offering quality, science products that fascinate young scientists with the wonders of scientific discovery and spark their interest in future scientific endeavors.

The Magic School Bus Blasting Off With Erupting Volcanoes • Ages 5+ • $19.99

What makes a volcano erupt? Young Scientists join Ms. Frizzle inside the life of a volcanologist. Children as young as 5 can learn about the layers of the Earth, study tectonic plate movement, explore different volcanic eruptions, make real pumice float, create the ultimate “lava” mixture, paint and explode a volcano and more! This explosive kit includes a colorful poster with volcanic facts, pictures and stickers.

What the Momma thinks….

It is no secret that we are a scientific interest home. In fact my husband would have no less than the children making new and exciting discovers at his side month after month. So logically we joined The Magic School Bus Science Club earlier this year. This club is the first-ever mail subscription kits from The Magic School Bus™ and The Young Scientists Club. Starting in January 2012, members of The Magic School Bus Science Club will have a hands-on science kit delivered once a month to their home. The kits cover exciting topics like the human body, weather, fossils, bacteria, magnets and more. Kids will feel like they’re taking part in a live-action episode of The Magic School Bus as Ms. Frizzle walks them through each experiment using colorful manuals and kid-friendly terms and explanations! There’s even an online clubhouse that kids can visit for more information and details on the experiments. Cost of the club is just $19.99 per month, which includes the cost of shipping and handling which is an outstanding deal for curious and growing minds alike. This also makes a wonderful gift idea that will keep giving and giving.

For some of us, we prefer to select which project our children work on personally. For this I suggest the Magic School Bus new science kits: The Magic School Bus Jumping Into Electricity (Ages 5+, $19.99) where you can make cereal dance, bend water and more; The Magic School Bus Blasting Off with Erupting Volcanoes (Ages 5+, $19.99) where you can make pumice float and erupt a volcano. Winner of a Creative Child Product of the Year Award. Both make a wonderful (educational) choice for young minds and a great gift selection under $20. So parents and grandparents roll up your sleeves and get involved in a science project with your children today.

Note: We selected to donate our sample of Blasting Off With Erupting Volcanoes to the local angel tree. Doing our part to ensure that every child receives something for Christmas this year.

BUY IT: Purchase The Magic School Bugs Blasting Off With Erupting Volcanoes Science Kit from ToysR’Us.

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