Little Mermaid Musical Instrument Set and Ariel’s Musical Light Up Dress Review

For the love of all things Disney Princess comes a new consumer line of Little Mermaid Toys that are not only lovable but also interactive with the DreamPlay app! Not to be confused those as the toys themselves work wonders for magically playtime fun without the app as well.

Little Mermaid DreamPlay

Ever princess needs a dress that is not only beautiful but also lights up the room with sparkles and plays her favorite tunes. The Ariel Musical Light-Up Feature Dress does just that. With a slim mermaid line design, it fits beautiful on girls ages 3 and up.

The Ariel Musical Light-Up Dress’s delightful colors and glittery accents can make anyone little lady feel just like Princess Ariel. With an open flowing tale bottom, she can dance and sway to the musical dress sounds for hours to come. Take notice of the round circle adoring the front giving it the appearance of beautiful scales to help bring the mermaid feel to life! PSSS…. That is also where the light-up action takes place.

Little Mermaid Playtime

I also had the pleasure of playing with the Disney Princess The Little Mermaid Musical Instrument Set which helps bring those childhood musical joys to life at the simple touch of our children’s hands. They can get right in the action and play along with their favorite Disney tunes and even create a few of their own along the way as well.

This is a high quality toy; sturdy and no small parts to worry about being broken or chewed on. That is especially important to toddler moms such as myself. Each instrument is sized appropriately for little hands and is suggested best for ages 3-5. However I can see older siblings getting into play too. You are never too old to be a princess.

The noise level is low on The Little Mermaid Musical Instrument Set. Honestly, I don’t know how you geel, but I don’t really care too much for toys I have to raise my voice over to be heard. The instrument set is as perfect as you can get on a proper sound level. It doesn’t bother me one bit to hear each instrument played while it is still loud enough for them to enjoy.

While both toys are adorably fun, The Little Mermaid Musical Instrument Set is my favorite of the two when it comes to pairing with the Ariel’s Musical Surprise DreamPlay app because the app offers a starting point for their musical playtime fun. They get to sing and dance and play with their favorite Little Mermaid characters and interact somewhat as well. This provide a double feature that will hopefully keep them entertained long after the holidays have come and gone.


Warning : On my recent Christmas shopping venture, I noticed that Ariel’s Musical Light Up Dress is a big seller and they only had one unit left on the shelves at Target. I also noticed several additional Disney Princess pieces that could easily go right along with The Little Mermaid theme. With toddlers being harder to buy for, I can see this particular Jakks Pacific Disney line beginning a top must have this holiday season. In fact we were so happy with both the Little Mermaid Musical Instrument Set and Ariel’s Musical Light Up Dress that a very special niece of mine will also be getting a set as well. Happy Holidays!

Little Mermaid Target

In celebration of the release of The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition on Blu-ray™ this fall, “Ariel’s Musical Surprise” is the first-ever DreamPlay app. When played with select Little Mermaid toys from JAKKS, Ariel’s beautiful underwater world and iconic music from the film comes to life, connecting kids to a favorite Disney character. Children can explore Ariel’s grotto, paint and decorate fish under the sea, and create and play music. 3D gameplay rendering allows for a unique and truly magical experience never before available.

The DreamPlay app-enabled Little Mermaid toys from JAKKS include:

  • Ariel Musical Light-Up Feature Dress – Girls can celebrate their inner princess in this gorgeous Ariel-themed mermaid gown with motion-activated lights and fun music. With the DreamPlay app experience, little girls can learn to dance with fish and follow their moves as they guide them around the dance floor.
  • Musical Instrument Set – Budding musicians can strike up their very own crustacean band with this set that includes bongos, a tambourine, a pair of maracas, a trumpet and a microphone. With the DreamPlay app experience, children can interact with Sebastian, mimicking his moves on the bongos while trying to follow along. Watch out because each round becomes more challenging!
  • Magical Mermaid Kitchen – Little girls can cook up a fantastical feast with this incredible kitchen that says multiple phrases, makes fun kitchen sounds and includes lots of kitchen accessories! And, with the DreamPlay app experience, little cooks can learn to create cakes and treats and be rewarded with a “fireworks” display for a job well done.
  • Ariel Keyboard Vanity – Little princesses can treat themselves to a royal makeover, or transform the vanity into a keyboard to create original music. With the DreamPlay app experience, children can play a musical game led by magical seahorses.


The DreamPlay app-enabled Little Mermaid toys from JAKKS are each sold separately and available now at major retailers nationwide. The “Ariel’s Musical Surprise” app is free to download now on the iTunes app store. Children can also experience fun gameplay through in-app purchases, without the need to purchase additional products. For more information, visit

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