Let ProFoot help with the dreaded man feet!

I first want to talk about who these products were reviewed with and why. My husband works outside for a living laying pipe, so you can just imagine what his feet may look like. These products worked great for my feet, but the before and after effects were not able to be captured as dramatically. I talked my husband into a little bit of pampering so that I could show you exactly how well these ProFoot products work.

He was a little skeptical that the Pedi-Rock would be able to cut through his rough skin, but it did. It was fun to have him feel his skin on the bottoms of his feet before and after. He gushed like a little girl, which to me was a totally victory! He also has super tough nails so when I saw “surgical strength” written on the packaging for the toenail clippers I was jumping at the chance to see just how easy it would be to get his nails looking decent.



The above pictures are what my husband’s feet and nails looked like before. You can see how thick his nails grow in from being inside boots all day long and the callused skin that builds underneath his toes. I have thought over and over again how to help him get the feet the he wants without making him get a girly kit or go in to the salon for a pedicure. Enter ProFoot. He was ecstatic that we could do this at home, and that it was not a floral smelling scent that would leave him feeling any less manly.

I went to work and we used the Pedi-Rock first. He absolutely loved the way this product felt. It states that you can use it either wet or dry, but I preferred the way that it worked when you wet it a little bit first. After that we went in for the toughest nails that I have even seen on this planet. The toenail clippers cut through them like they were nothing. We were both shocked when he was able to cut all of his toenails in less than five minutes. This was a huge accomplishment compared to the twenty minutes that it normally takes to hack through them.

It was then time for his rough skin to be super pampered with the Heel Rescue Cream. You would have thought that he won the lottery with how he just laid back and let me put the lotion on his feet. He also has rough and dry skin in between his toes and this cream worked miracles on that skin as well. It has multiple uses for other tough areas of the body as well, such as your knees, elbows and hands. Our struggle has always been feet, so that is where we put all of our focus.

The Callus Blaster was used a little while after because you are not supposed to use it on raw skin, which we felt the skin was too soft after the pampering to use the product. You are to apply to the area and leave on for three minutes. In that three minutes, his callus that you can see above on his toe was vanished. I don’t think since we have been together (7 years!) that I have ever seen his feet have not a mark on the bottom from work.

Now for the results of all of our labor:




His rough and tough skin and nails were made to look what would be normal for him and this whole regimen only took about a half hour. Per his request, he wants this done now three times a week to keep his feet looking like they do in these after pictures. I don’t blame him! Feet are a touchy subject, and they are by no means always a good looking part of the body. With the proper care and upkeep, they can be a part of your body to be proud of to walk around barefoot. This is something that he hardly ever did before. He can now proudly walk around without socks on and feel like his feet are presentable. ProFoot is awesome for giving a hardworking man the confidence that he needs to feel comfortable in his own skin.

I highly recommend this system to anyone that has small foot issues to ones that are a little tougher to take care of. ProFoot has you covered for everything!


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