CoSleeper to Big Boy Transition using the KinderGlo Portable Night Light

Both of my younger boys were brought up as co-sleepers. This made nighttime feedings easier and seemed to strengthen our bond beyond belief. Then they turned 3 and it was time to go to their new room, with their big boy bed. Needless to say this is where our nighttime sleep routine gets messy.

The most common thing I hear from all 4 of my younger children at bedtime is: ‘I am afraid of the dark.’ This dilemma can be solved in many ways, most commonly by the addition of a night light to the room. But what happens when you have a child that is not good with finding their way to the restroom in the middle of the night or simply just needs to get to mom and dad for reassurance that there are no monsters under the bed?

KinderGlo Moon

That is where the KinderGlo Portable Night Light comes in handy. Their units are available in eight different styles; each offering a continuous soft light, coloring changing pattern. We allowed our youngest {whom is still keeping mom up till 10pm} to select his favorite. No surprise that he went with the moon. Even at a young age he is fascinated with the sky both night and day. Honestly though this one is my favorite of all of the KinderGlo styles since it offers the the loop handle. <- This feature allows him to hold steady to the moon while in the process of getting to sleep and it is the easiest for him to carry when walking to and fro in the dark.

KinderGlo comes complete with the night light itself and a plug-in rechargeable base. That mean ‘NO BATTERIES’! {jumping up and down}. When we first started using the KinderGlo, Elliot used the continuous light setting for over night {lasting 8-10 hours on full charge}. Now that he has become more trusting of nite-nite time, we have moved on to the 30 timer. Even at three, he is well aware of how to push the button to turn the unit back on. Using it this way, seems to allows us to go 3-4 nights without a recharge. Though I do not recommend waiting that long since you do not want it to stop working when you most need it. {there was a hard mommy lessen in there}.


KinderGlo Night Lights are:


  • Rechargeable–no money wasted replacing batteries!
  • Easy for little hands to hold and carry
  • Last for 8-10 hours of soft, soothing light so kids an keep their buddies in bed with them all night
  • Bright enough the light the way through a dark room but soft enough not to disturb sleepers


  • Powered with LED lights that are never hot to the touch
  • Automatically power on if knocked from the charging base or if charging during a power outage
  • Made with phthalate, BPA & lead free materials
  • Easy to open and packaged with 100% recyclable materials

Fun (and easy to use!)

  • Choose from a variety of cute, comforting characters
  • Soothing nighttime companions and great playtime pals for during the day
  • Simple for kids to use all by themselves
  • Single button allows you to choose between auto-off after 30 minutes or continuous lighting.

moon HI

I also want to mention that we have been KinderGlo customers for 3 years now. It all started with our middle son who is now 6. To this day, we have yet to have an issue with either of our KinderGlo Night Lights. This is one of those companies I have grown to love and trust for quality, great customer service and durability!

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