How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Swim Lesson

Swimming lessons are commonly considered to be a childhood rite of passage; however, learning to swim is also a valuable skill that your child will use for the rest of their life. In fact, becoming a skillful swimmer will not only provide countless hours of enjoyment for your child, but it just might save their life. Learning to swim under the guidance of an experienced swim instructor will also help your child to feel confident when they are in the water. If your child is expecting to take swimming lessons this season, then here is how to prepare them for their first lesson.

How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Swim Lesson

Practice in the Bathtub

For most children, the bathtub offers their first experience with being immersed in water. Fortunately, there are many ways to make spending time in the water a positive experience while taking a bath. Try having your child practice floating on their back. You can also encourage them to try to put their head under water while holding their breath. As you practice in the tub, be sure to talk about how they will do many of the same types of things in their NYC swimming lessons.

Demonstrate Blowing Bubbles

Learning how to blow bubbles in the water is an important skill that can help your child be successful in their swimming lessons. This is because blowing bubbles teaches children to exhale in the water rather than sucking the water in. You can practice blowing bubbles with your child in the bathtub or even in a glass of water if your child is apprehensive at first. Once they have this skill down, then it is time to show it off at the pool.

Discuss What to Expect

It is common for a child to be apprehensive about their first swimming lesson. This is especially true if it will be their first time to take a class without your or if they are not used to spending time in the water. Prepare your child by talking about the types of rules that their swim instructor may have for the class. Then, you can talk about the types of things they will learn.

Go Shopping Together

For your child’s first swim lesson, they will need a swimsuit and a beach towel. Depending upon the lesson, your child may also need some other equipment such as goggles or swim shoes. Help generate some excitement by taking your child shopping for these items. By having some input about the type of swimsuit they will wear, your child will begin to look forward to their lesson. Throughout the days prior to their first lesson, continue to talk to them about what to expect, and your child will be ready and excited on the day of their first lesson.

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