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Have you ever wanted to preserve a piece of your child’s artwork in more than a basic photo frame? Or even perhaps that infant footprint, first handprint or even a family moment that you hold dear? Having the ability to transform your kid’s artwork into personalized custom jewelry and necklaces for moms and kids would be fantastic if you ask me. In fact, it sounds like a great gift idea for grandma or even your favorite aunt in the making. Well, you can do just that and make your kids artwork memorable with KidzCanDesign.


KidzCanDesign began their labor of love back in January of 2013, specializing in converting your child’s work of art, photos, handprints, foot prints into a high quality sterling silver custom jewelry which can then be worn with pride by any member of the family from mom to dad and even brothers and sisters.


If you can imagine it and send it to the team at KidzCanDesign and they can then, to your delight, create a one of a kind piece that you, the parent, can then wear or display with pride or gift to another loved one to share in the lasting memory.


Since opening KidzCanDesign has shipped out thousands of one-of-a-kind pieces to families across the world. That is right all over the planet from the USA to Russia and beyond. They are truly honored that so many families have chosen to share special moments with them and are proud to have been able to create something unique for you and your family.


More about KidzCanDesign:

KidzCanDesign was created by a “dadpreneur” who wanted to showcase his child’s creativity. It is a company specializing in converting kids’ art, handprints and photos into high quality sterling silver custom jewelry. KidzCanDesign helps turn special moments into keepsakes that last a lifetime in a unique and personal way. Each kid can create a drawing of their choice, and KidzCanDesign transforms the drawing into a one of a kind piece that any member of the family can wear with pride.

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