33 Homemade Holiday Gifts

If you are trying to save money this holiday season, but you want to give your friends and family something special as a gift then this list of 33 Handmade Holiday Gifts is perfect for you. Not only does this list contain great unique upcycled items, but it contains some unique holiday ornaments, fun no sew projects and great additions to any home or office. With gifts for mom, dad and even grandma on this list, you will be able to mark several items off your shopping list with ease. This year create great fun gifts for everyone on your list with this great handmade holiday gift list.

33 Handmade Holiday Gifts


  1. DIY Succulent Terrarium
  2. DIY Tile Coaster Sets
  3. DIY Swirl Vase
  4. DIY Serving Tray
  5. DIY Lacy Glitter Picture Frame
  6. We Whisk You A Merry Christmas
  7. Family Recipe Card Framed Gift
  8. Vintage Button Monogrammed Frame
  9. DIY Rope Wrapped Wooden Bowl
  10. DIY Marbled Mug
  11. DIY No Sew Placemats
  12. DIY Monogrammed Makeup Bags
  13. DIY Cup Sleeve
  14. DIY Post It Not Holder
  15. Hand Print Towels
  16. DIY Mosaic Tile Letter
  17. Decorative Notepad Holder
  18. DIY Photo Block
  19. DIY Snow Angel Ornaments
  20. Upcycled Brooch Phone Case
  21. DIY Personalized Note Pads
  22. No Sew Fleece Flower Pin
  23. DIY Key Holder
  24. DIY Chalkboard Mason Jars
  25. DIY Wine Gift Bag
  26. Rustic Christmas Ornaments
  27. DIY Family Recipe Card Shadowbox
  28. Rustic Winter Sleigh
  29. Terra Cotta Snowman
  30. Wine Cork Wreath
  31. Winter Mason Jar Lantern
  32. DIY Snowman Bottle Cap Ornaments
  33. No Sew Hobo Bag

Grab some crafting supplies, a few special items and lots of imagination to make these great handmade holiday gifts for anyone on your holiday gift list. The ability to personalize any of these to suit individual needs is part of why we love them so much. A simple stamp, sticker or embellishment can totally transform the most simple of things into a gorgeous gift item that will make your friends and family feel special and loved this holiday season.

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