JoJo Siwa: Sweet Celebrations

JoJo Siwa: Sweet Celebrations Giveaway

Get ready to join JoJo for her biggest birthday ever in “JoJo Siwa: Sweet Celebrations” – available NOW on DVD! Nickelodeon’s sweetheart, JoJo Siwa celebrates her dream birthday in a new film for all to share including special guests, surprises and one unforgettable party.

Nickelodeon star and social phenomenon, JoJo Siwa, celebrates her dream-worthy birthday with a one-of-a-kind celebration. In the new DVD, JoJo Siwa: Sweet Celebrations available now, JoJo embarks on the most epic 24 hours of her life filled with special guests and big surprises leading up to a birthday party she’ll never forget. The DVD also includes six episodes from JoJo’s animated YouTube series “The JoJo & BowBow Show Show,” which follows the adventures of JoJo and her dog BowBow.

JoJo Siwa: Sweet Celebrations DVD now available in stores and online.

The JoJo Siwa: Sweet Celebrations DVD is available on online and in-stores from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment. Recently found on for $9.99 with free shipping for prime members.

JoJo Siwa: Sweet Celebrations episodes:

  • JoJo’s Dream Birthday!
  • The JoJo & BowBow Show Show
    • BowBow Steals the Spotlight?!              
    • JoJo’s CRAZIEST Flight Ever               
    • BowBow’s SECRET Fashion Show                   
    • JoJo Makes BowBow’s DIY Dreams Come True            
    • BowBow vs. Beans: Battle of the Dog Bosses                 
    • BowBow’s SECRET Hideout                
JoJo Siwa: Sweet Celebrations DVD Giveaway
JoJo Siwa: Sweet Celebrations DVD now available in stores and online.
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  1. My granddaughter Maddie is THE JoJo fan! She has every bow and most other items as she can find them! For her birthday she asked for anything JoJo. She even has a little dog… a Chorkie (chihuahua/yorkie) named Teddy BowBow… a compromise with her brother who wanted to name him Teddy Bear hahaha

  2. I’m positive that my friend’s 7 y/o daughter Xali would love this DVD!! It sure would make a great Christmas present.
    Thank you!

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