Ways to Enjoy Florida Without the Beach

Ways to Enjoy Florida Without the Beach

There are thousands of families planning a Florida vacation this summer and many of them will end up at Orlando visiting the theme parks or on the beach enjoying the sand and surf. But there are some families who have kids with sand allergies or need something a little more than just laying around on the beach chairs all day. Luckily, there are many different beach-free activities available in the Sunshine State. I would like to point out though that the beach is typically a free activity. Therefore, if you’re using a monthly budget template to plan out your vacation savings, be sure to allocate extra for activities. That said, here are some ideas to help you enjoy Florida without the beach. 

Florida Ziplines

If you are looking for a more adrenaline filled vacation activity, don’t miss the ziplines of Florida. They are guaranteed to give you a different perspective of the Sunshine State as you zip over alligators, wetlands, massive cliffs, and palm trees. There are even sunset zips available at some of these locations. Imagine the stories your kids will tell about how much fun it was to ride a zipline or complete a rope challenge with their family with the alligators below their feet.

Ways to Enjoy Florida Without the Beach

Freshwater Springs

Not all the water in Florida is located on the beach. There are dozens of freshwater springs in Florida that offer the visitor the chance to experience the ecosystem up close. These freshwater springs offer tubing, boating, swimming, along with the opportunity to get up close to manatees and other plants and animals. Visit Florida Springs to find out where the closest spring is on your vacation plans.

Ways to Enjoy Florida without the Beach

National Naval Aviation Museum

If you are visiting the Pensacola area, then you need to check out the National Naval Aviation Museum This is more than a simple airplane museum. It is the largest Naval Aviation museum and allows you to see more than 150 restored aircraft representing Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Aviation up close. With nearly 350,000 square feet of exhibit space and 37-acre grounds, you are guaranteed to see something amazing. Watch the schedule to see when the Blue Angels will be practicing as well.

Bike Trails

Florida boasts an extensive link of bike trails. Many of these trails are part of the nationwide Rails to Trails program. This program takes old, unused railroad tracks and turns them into trails for bikers. You can click here to find all the trails in the state of Florida and find out the distance for each trail and where it will take you.

Historic Forts

Visiting the ruins of old forts is a great way to get some exercise and learn some history at the same time. Even the kids can enjoy this experience since they don’t have to be quiet and can run around, climb and play soldier. Many of the historic forts charge a very small fee to tour and offer some unique insights to our nation’s history.

Ways to Enjoy Florida without the Beach

Dolphin Tours

Want to be out near the water but not in the sand? Take a dolphin tour with any of the popular cruise ships that are stationed right along the waterways. These cruises typically take a few hours and offer the chance to see some beautiful dolphins up close by the boat. Somme of these tours include meals and offer an amazing way to enjoy the sunset.

Save some money by checking with the local Visitors Center or Tourism office. They often offer discounts or coupons for popular dolphin cruises.


The state of Florida boasts 30 remaining lighthouses. How many Florida Lighthouses have you climbed? Many people are fascinated by these historic structures that have been so instrumental in saving the lives of sea-goers and ships. Being able to climb these lighthouses is a popular vacation activity.

What do you plan to do on your next Florida vacation? Will you spend the whole day on the beach under an umbrella or will you get out there and do some exploring away from the beach? I’d love to hear!

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