iWaveCube Mini Microwave Oven Review

Back to school time is here and most of us are still preparing for the day coming very soon, college kids included. I know personally that a dorm offers little personal space and sharing home living space can be tricky when it comes to keeping your items separate for others. So when we found the iWaveCube I immediately to give it a try.

The small, elegant black microwave can be taken wherever you need it, whether it is your office, on a camping trip, or a small outing with friends. Don’t bother with the overweight, outdated appliances anymore! This innovative, lightweight microwave weighs in at only 12 pounds.

When the Black iWaveCube mini microwave oven arrived, I was surprised to see the actual small size. It is perfect for smaller spaces including a dorm room, bedroom or even to take along camping later on. As you can see below in the photo, it effectively holds something the size of a measuring cup/coffee mug or a small bag of popcorn. I could see a burrito effectively brought to temp with this unit in no time.

Another feature is its light weight at right at 12 pounds. It can be carried by the handle at the top (empty of course) easily from place to place as needed. So far we used this in our bedroom several times for snacks and coffee. I wished I had this when my son was first-born. It would have been fabulous to not have walked up and down the stairs in the evenings to make bottle after our c-section. In fact I just recommended this to a friend whom is expecting.

So whether you are a camping enthusiast or a college kids in need of something small and handy for meals, the iWaveCube is a smart and effective product to use.

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