Stand in Comfort with a GelPro Mat

As a mother I can find myself washing dishes, fruit and vegatibles or simply running water over a towel to clean a spill more than a dozen times a day. Now I can tell you that when doing this I would give just about anything for some relief to make me smile and I get just that now that we have add a GelPro mat to our floor.

The GelPro Wicker Auburn, 20″x36″ mat is above and beyond quality when it comes to comfort. My feet simply sink into a little piece of heaven as soon as they are placed on to the GelPro kitchen mat. It is amazing how this little piece of comfort makes even the largest sinkfull of dishes seem like a pleasant task. I know it sounds crazy but in reality I love to stand on this kitchen mat.

The GelPro mat is always fairly cool to the touch and so far after a few months of use, has held its shape and texture. It is simple to clean; I just take a damp cloth and wipe it down.

I am a huge fan of their wide selection, designs and colors. Their is really something to fit every household’s style and decor. If you have a country home, go with a wicker look (available in GelPro Plus and GelPro). Maybe you live life on the wild side? Then go with the rattlesnack or ostrich designs. GelPro is well worth the visit when considering your next floor mat purchase.

About GelPro

One Simple Goal: Comfort

GelPro mats were created with one goal in mind: to make the time you spend standing in your home more comfortable. Everyone knows how painful it can be to stand for any length of time on hard flooring – whether you’re cooking, doing laundry, or even getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror. Simply preparing meals in your kitchen can result in lower back pain, heel pain, and overall fatigue. It is an age-old problem whose time has finally come.

The GelPro Difference

While there are industrial anti-fatigue floor mats being produced, none are designed for residential use. These industrial mats are typically made of one of two types of materials − rubber or foam. Rubber floor mats in commercial kitchens may be effective, but they are unattractive and lack the design elements necessary to function properly in residential kitchens. The limited number of rubber-based kitchen floor mats that are marketed as anti-fatigue mats for residential use are very cheaply made, and are essentially disposable products. Foam mats also lack the merits of the gel-based GelPro mats. More often than not foam mats will stain, slide around on your floor, and provide virtually no support. GelPro anti-fatigue mats, by contrast, are in a class all by themselves. GelPro mats have been designed and engineered to perform better than any floor mat that is or ever has been available.

Proudly Designed and Assembled in the USA

We are committed to producing our innovative GelPro mats right here in the United States. We are headquartered in Austin, Texas, and manufacture our product a short distance away in Waco and Leander, Texas. Unlike most other manufacturers who can only compete on price by using the inferior low cost labor in China, our revolutionary designs and quality domestic manufacturing more than separate us from “low end” products on the market. In fact, we are so different, we have created our own market.

Stand in Comfort™

Spend more quality time on your beautiful hard flooring surface with the revolutionary GelPro mat. Your feet, legs and back will thank you. Decorate with style; step with confidence; stand in Comfort.

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