Green Earth Bamboo Review

Whenever possible my family reaches for the green side of things, with bamboo clothing being at the top of the list. Green Earth Bamboo offers a large selection of women’s clothing with an earth friendly background that will set your mind at ease when making your next special purchase. In fact even now the Roxie Ruffle Pajama Set by Yala brings a big smile to my face.

It is no secret I am a plus size woman and purchasing in style clothing that also fit my body can be difficult at times. So when selecting the ideal sleepwear set I take a lot into consideration and even then sometimes I have a big shopping failure. This is not the case at all with the Roxie Ruffle Pajama Set. The fit was generous and complimented curves like a dream come true. I will say it is form-fitting with just the right amount of give in the areas I needed it.

The viscose from Bamboo made this the softest pair of pajamas that I own. This statement takes in account all 14 pairs, from all brands and materials. I could live in the Roxie Ruffle Pajama Set and if given unlimited funds would buy two pairs in each color they make to attempt to do just that.

Why choice a sleepwear set from Green Earth Bamboo?

  • Bamboo is excellent for women with sensitive skin
  • Ultra soft and cozy sleepwear – softer than silk and cashmere!
  • Viscose from bamboo is super absorbent and breathable – especially nice for pajama sets
  • Organic bamboo naturally resists odor keeping you feeling fresh in your sexy sleepwear
  • Viscose from bamboo is temperature regulating so you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Bamboo robes available in short and long so you are covered for the year
  • Women’s bamboo sleepwear that not only make you feel good – you look good
  • Organic bamboo – a pesticide free, sustainable and renewable resource

Make sure you also checkout the selection of Bamboo Bedding, Bamboo Bath and Bamboo Baby products and I think you will be impressed. Green Earth Bamboo is also approved by Green America (seal is on their site) and bamboo used for products is certified USDA organic.

BUY IT: Roxie Ruffle Pajama Set by Yala is available in Black, Ginger and Lilac directly from Green Earth Bamboo for $102.00.

DEAL ALERT: Use $10 off coupon code “TERIH2011” on orders $95 or more and get free ground shipping on orders over $200.00.

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