How To Create an Inexpensive Container Garden

After you have your plan set and ready to go, the next step is to actually make your garden. This is the hardest, yet most rewarding, part of the entire process. Start with your containers, do your prep work, then get those plants in the ground and growing! 

Container Garden

Gathering your containers:

By now you should know what containers you want and need. You can either buy them new, or save some money and reuse materials. If you choose the frugal and eco-friendly option, your view of gardening is going to broadened considerably! You can make containers out of old coke bottles, tin cans strung together, old shoes, baby bathtubs, old tubs from remodeling your bathroom, dressers, wooden pallets, and so much more! Let your imagination run free and make your garden a one of a kind. 

If you want to build some containers on the ground, use reclaimed, salvaged wood or old wooden pallets. You can place these directly on the ground to use the natural soil there. One way to choke out any grass or weeds is to cover the area you plan to use with the pallets or wooden. Then, build your boxes (anyway you wish) and place on top of that, using the soil underneath. You will want to plant your seeds or starter plants within a week of laying out the boxes so that grass and weeds don’t pop back up. 

When prepping for your garden, remember a few things:

Don’t buy too many plants at once, because you may have more leftover than you need. Start small. You can always buy more later! 

If your plants need trellises, build those now. Do not build them after the plant is in the ground so that you know it is sure.

Till the dirt and dig the holes before you start planting seeds. This will have everything ready for your seeds before you place them in the ground. 

Start a compost pile. You will save more money composting on your own than you will buying compost. Start your own pile before you plant any seeds.

Get your containers set and ready. Some containers may need you to prep the dirt after you have set the containers, so set the container and then prep the soil. 

If you use a container that isn’t set above dirt, put some soil in it, plant the seeds, place some compost on the seed, then potting soil on top. 

If your container is placed directly on top of dirt, plant the seed or plant as instructed, the add some compost on top.

Helpful tips to planting your garden:

Line all containers with newspaper to help add nutrients to the soil and keep it moist for longer.

If you are afraid of soil being washed away form containers on the ground, line them with old plastic or newspaper. 

Place plants that need lots of water closest to the faucet so you remember to water them more and it makes it easier on you. 

Keep enough space around the plants for you to walk to pull weeds and harvest fruits and vegetables.


What will you plant in your container garden?

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