10 Ways Baby Wipes Come To the Rescue

Baby WipesAre packs of baby wipes situated strategically around your house and in your car? If you’re like most people, they’ve come to the rescue on more than one occasion. They’re like the Swiss Army Knife of cleanup tools. Even moms whose kids are no longer toddlers still purchase wipes because they’re handy for some of life’s little situations, says BeforeItsNews. Here are some fun uses you can try:

When You’re Out And About

  1. Are you out and about and find that the bathroom you’re in isn’t quite up to snuff? Use a wipe to clean off the toilet rim. And while you’re at it, wipe off the handle of the stall door and any other surfaces you might have to touch, like the flush knob. If you’ve chosen a biodegradable type, just whip it in the toilet when you’re done. This leads to the second use—if the stall doesn’t have toilet paper, wipes are a good solution. They also work well when you’re out in the elements and nature calls. And portapottys at all of the summertime events that you attend can all use a wipe down before and after use. And while we’re talking about your adventures, use the empty container to create a first-aid kit for your car. Make sure you pack it with band aids, soothing burn cream, cold packs and disinfectant spray which are always good to have on hand, says Homesessive.
  2. They also work as general sanitation keeper-uppers. Use them to wipe off shopping carts, restaurant tables, anywhere that you and your baby might touch, for proper hygiene.
  3. In the car. These are great for wiping off your hands, or cleaning up after a messy baby. I’ve found myself wiping off the driving wheel and the dashboard as I’m waiting for the light to change. Wipes are great for wiping away any bird poop. Superstition might have said a bird pooping on you is good luck, however, clean it off in a jiffy with a baby wipe. Substitute tissue. If you find yourself in the car or somewhere without tissues, and a very stuffy nose, baby wipes can do the trick. Plus, since they’re moist they won’t irritate you if you’ve got a dry, chafing nose.

After A Big Day

  1. Use them to remove your make-up. You trust the gentleness of the wipe on your baby’s bum, and the sensitive and botanically-infused wipes from The Honest Company feel wonderful on your face as you gently wipe away the day’s grime and old make up. Baby wipes are also very soothing for a sunburn, just pat gently (and use sunscreen next time).
  2. Polish up your shoes. If your shoes look a little grimy from running around all day a quick once over with a baby wipe will help to brush them off until their next deep clean.
  3. Manis and pedis. When you’re sprucing up your nails with a coat of polish, use a baby wipe to clean up any of the edges that need it. They also work well in removing lipstick from a blouse. The trick is to catch it when it happens, and it does take some gentle elbow grease, but you can remove that stain.

Quick! The In Laws Are Coming!

  1. Spruce up your furniture. If your baby spills food or drinks on your couch or chairs, baby wipes can be a first step in cleaning up the mess, especially if they’ve just spilled and you’re looking around for something to wipe it off with. Also, dust fan blades quickly and easily. You’ll start to get into a groove and look for things to wipe down, like the blinds, and the molding around the windows, and the pet fur that has collected. You can get a little crazy. Wipe away greasy fingerprints from leather furniture (make sure it doesn’t stain the couch). Polish the chrome on your furniture. Clean the refrigerator coils. Yes, once you start seeing results it can be hard to stop. If you see crayon markings on the walls or floor, baby wipes are good for removing the stain. Baby wipes won’t dry out wood surfaces, either, so if you need to wipe off hairspray or a dusting of dirt from doggy paws, they can come to the rescue. Finally, while you’re making your way around the house, don’t forget to spruce up the tired looking leaves on your philodendron with a nice wipe to remove any dust.

Wherever You’re In Need Of Clean…

  1. In the classroom. Lots of teachers will include these on their supplies list because they’re a great way to make sure their children have clean hands without having to send everyone to the bathroom in pairs. They’re also great at cleaning desks and dry erase boards.
  2. Computer clean up. Clean out your keyboard, especially if you tend to eat while you’re online. Also, handheld devices like your smartphone and tablet can be swiped with a baby wipe.
  3. Turn the container into your travel shower caddy. Drill a few holes in the bottom, fill it with your travel size soaps and shampoos and you’re good to go!
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