Take Control Of Your Blog’s Web Server!

Take Control Of Your Blog's Web Server!

Ready to take control of your site, increase your site performance and have the freedom to control your web server however you want?

While shared hosting works fine for static web sites and small WordPress sites, the lack of resources and overcrowding on shared hosting servers can bring your site to a crawl. You are also limited to the software the hosting provided has installed, which limits your ability to have a fast and efficient WordPress site.

If you have looked at upgrading your shared hosting plan to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) plan the price jump can be huge. From as little a $5 shared hosting to $40 for a VPS plan with the same company. For most people it is hard to justify a monthly increase like that.

Luckily over the years several new companies have entered the hosting market focusing on performance and value. Two companies that I have been using for almost a year now are Linode, http://goo.gl/IpKjh0 and Digital Ocean,http://goo.gl/pkwhca. Both companies specialize in VPS plans at great prices. Digital Ocean plans start out at $5 per month and Linode starts at $20 per month. Both offer some of the newest server technology in their plans including SSD (solid state drives) on all their hosting providing extremely fast disk speeds.

The biggest downside for most people have been the knowledge needed to use a VPS service. Although both companies provide guides on setting everything up working from a command line can be challenging for some people.
The good news once it is once your site is up and running you don’t need to worry about the server anymore.

One of the most important things you can do once you have your our VPS is choose what web server software to use. Currently almost all shared hosting uses Apache for their web server. While Apache is a good all around choice it can quickly become overwhelmed on any hardware. About the fastest web server you can use right now is NGINX. This was a web server developed with performance in mind. This is also the web server of choice for many big companies as well including Facebook and WordPress.com to name a few.

NGINX is capable of handling a huge number of requests with minimal impact on hardware resources. This is what allows a $5/month VPS with NGINX to outperform a $200+/month dedicated server using Apache. I have learned this from personal experience. If you are already using a VPS for your WordPress site then changing from Apache to NGINX will be a big improvement in your server performance.

With that in mind, we are now ready to offer several services to fellow bloggers to get the most out of their site.
1. Convert from Apache to NGINX
2. Migrate from existing server to new server
3. Migrate from Blogger to WordPress
4. Install and setup server side caching and optimization

Example: move site from Shared Hosting to Digital Ocean, setup NGINX as webserver and install & setup caching and optimization software on server. Cost $225. Additional sites on the same server are $75.

Approximately 96 hours to complete installation and testing. Should be no downtime for your site. Free standard support for 30 days. You are responsible for setting up a VPS account. Please contact me about your site needs and I can help recommend which VPS plan would be best for you. Digital Ocean and Linode are the 2 companies I highly recommend based on personal experience.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions.

About the author
Mrs. Hatland is a 30-something married, mom of 7 and the face behind the popular online publication, Motherhood Defined. Known as the Iowa Mom blogger by her local peers and “The Fairy Blogmother” worldwide. She has professional experience in working closely with clients on brand ambassadorships, client outreach services, content creation and creative social media advertising exposure.

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