HOT FLASHES: two of the most uncomfortable words in the English language


HOT FLASHES: two of the most uncomfortable words in the English language for women. Once you have experienced a hot flash, you will know exactly why they are so uncomfortable.

I can remember that I used to watch my Mom have hot flashes when I was younger. You could tell by watching her that they were miserable and I dreaded reaching that stage of life – menopause. I thought it was just something that was associated with old age and menopause and couldn’t not have been more wrong!

I started experiencing the dreaded hot flash when I was in my late twenties. Completely unaware that hot flashes were affecting young women, I blew it off.  Of course, I had no clue exactly what was going on at first. I just felt moments of sudden, intense heat, my heart would race, my face and neck would flush bright red, and the sweat would start pouring. It was awkward and embarrassing. People nearby would ask if I was ok or if I was in a hurry.

All I wanted to do was disappear for a few minutes to get away from the embarrassment – preferably, disappear to somewhere cold! It was all I could do to quickly peel off my jacket, push up my sleeves, pull my hair back, and find something to fan myself. Each hot flash episode usually lasted a few minutes.

In the beginning, I only experienced them every now and then. But eventually, they increased in frequency and would occur several times a day. Not to mention, there’s more, because what do hot flashes lead to? Night sweats!

Hot flashes are miserable during the day, but it is even worse when you are relaxing in a deep sleep and wake up to find you are over heated and drenched in sweat! Trust me, my hubby is not a happy camper during those moments either. You have to flip the blankets off and get up for some refreshing cold water.


I became desperate for a hot flash treatment and needed to learn how to stop them. After talking with friends about it, I realized that I was not alone in my hot flash misery. Many of us had been suffering silently because we were all unaware that hot flashes affect young women and not just women who are experiencing menopause. After doing a bit of research on what causes hot flashes, I learned that it can be hormonal and linked to estrogen levels, but it can also be related to improper diet, unhealthy stress levels, or triggered by caffeine or environmental conditions.

The good news is that hot flashes can be treated and you can learn to manage your hot flashes when they occur. For more information on a remedy visit this general hot flash page.

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