Get Up to $13 in Savings for Hasbro Games

As we wave goodbye to the lazy days of summer and slip back into the fall routine, why not spice things up by adding some games into the lineup? Hasbro is excited to offer you and your readers (U.S. only!) some special savings that will help you refresh your game supply and turn any old day into a party!

Offers include:

·       $4.00 off any two of: Elefun, Battleship, Connect 4, Operation, Twister, or Monopoly Electronic Banking

·       $4.00 off any two of: Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, The Game of Life, or Sorry!

·       $3.00 off any two of: Candy Land, Memory, Chutes and Ladders, or Cootie

·       $2.00 off Scrabble Electronic Catch Phrase

And speaking of Scrabble Catch Phrase, have you seen the new Neil Patrick Harris commercial for everyone’s favorite grab it, guess it, and pass it game?! NPH spent some of his summer vacation shooting some laugh-out-loud Hasbro commercials that have just started airing on a TV screen near you! Keep an eye out for our favorite funny man’s Scrabble Catch Phrase commercial, and in the meantime here’s a peek at Neil on the set!

Neil Patrick Harris

So, how do you get these awesome coupon offers?

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Click on the coupon offers you’d like

Step 3: Print coupons by clicking on the box in the upper left of the page where you’ll see the total value of your savings

Step 4: Head to the store to stock up on your games and let the fun begin!

If you have trouble with the site, check your browser settings to make sure you’ve enabled cookies.

Don’t dilly-dally! Time’s a tickin. The coupons are only available online through Sunday, 9-9-12, while supplies last!

As our schedules fill up again this fall, don’t overlook the importance of fun and games! Use these coupons to help ensure your game closet is fully stocked whenever the gaming mood strikes!

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