Gazillion Bubbles Typhoon 2.0 Review

In celebration of its 10th anniversary this year, Gazillion recently introduced a new Made in the USA solution, as well as a Typhoon 2.0 bubble blowing machine. Yay! Thank you to Gazillion Bubbles for sending Mom to Bed by 8 a Typhoon 2.0 to test out with our family.

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In my past experience, bubble machines tend to be unreliable and often disappointing. There are alot of things that can go wrong when designing a unit that will continuously produce bubbles without fail. Now there is no secret that we are fans of Gazillion Bubbles. While they are a tad more expensive than other brands you will find in the outdoor toy aisle at your local department stores, I found them to be worth every penny. While I cannot say for sure if it is the Typhoon 2.0 design or the quality of Gazillion Bubble solution, I will tell you that it is the best $20 you can send if you have little ones and a smile magnet if you are looking to buy a gift this spring/summer.

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The Gazillion Bubbles Typhoon 2.0 comes already put together and ready to use. The package includes an 8 oz. bottle of non-toxic Gazillion Bubbles solution. This does require 4 “AA” batteries which not included. So make sure to grab those as well.

You can create a gazillion bubbles instantly with the Typhoon 2.0 with no pump and no wait time. This allows you the ability to remove from box, add batteries, then replace the solution top with the auto feed cap insert the bottle to fill the machine with solution, push the button and let the fun begin.

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It is said that this bubble fountain blows more than 5,000 bubbles per minute! I didn’t get that great of a result but then again my toddler couldn’t manage to stay away from the Typhoon 2.0 long enough for me to really put it through a count test. Well that and who wants to count bubbles to five thousand? That employee either really loves their job or hates it. I will say though, we had a good flow of bubbles especially in the first several minutes.However around the 10 minute mark however, I started to see some bubble foam build at the top of the unit. This effected the amount of bubbles that were released into the air though in no way did it stop them completely. I am just picky I suppose and turned the bubble machine off long enough to swipe off some of the small bubble buildup from the top and then start it again. That seemed to fix the issue.

Why am I so fond of the Typhoon 2.0? This product produces more bubbles accurately than other bubble machine units that I have purchased and/or tested in the past. You seem to get thousands and thousands of bubbles with the 8 ounce bubble solution included in the box. Watch it in action in the YouTube video above to see for yourself.

Typhoon 2.0 Review

You also have the ability to purchase Gazillion Bubble solution in larger qualities; this allows you to refill the small bottle and use it again and again. Just make sure to keep a hold of the auto feed cap. In fact the Typhoon 2.0 would make a grand crowd pleaser at our next birthday celebration.

It is important that you properly clean and store the Typhoon 2.0 {or any bubble machine} to increase the life of the toy. Personally I bring the unit inside and wash the bubbles from the top of the unit and sit out to dry. Once it is, I have a storage cabinet in our laundry room, where I keep items such as these. Warning leaving the unit outside can risk getting the batteries wet or too hot, both could lead to no more bubble fun. Be wise and be safe.

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