5 Reasons YOU Should Not Pay Your Kids to Do Chores

In recent times, it is common for many parents to pay their kids for chores that they assign them to do. The idea stems from the notion that by doing so, it will encourage their kids to not only complete their chores, but to learn how to earn money of their own. Arguably, they strive to teach that one has to earn money to get what they need. While the rationale of this parenting style may sound sensible, it goes against how entire households have lived together as family. Why?

5 Reasons YOU Should Not Pay Your Kids to Do Chores

Household Chores are Every Family Member’s Responsibility

Most people who are now parents today did all manner of household chores when they were growing up and did not expect any form of payment. They continue to do the same in their own homes today. Thus, teaching kids such responsibility at home by helping out with daily chores is cultivating the right attitude for the future. After all, mom or dad doing household chores is not any different from a child doing the same.

Obedience and Good Behavior are Not Paid For

When children learn that doing household chores is in itself good behavior and obedience, they learn to offer help to others as they grow without expecting any form of monetary reward. What’s more, they grow up knowing how to look after themselves in the future. They begin to understand that not every deed calls for a direct monetary reward, but that it is simply responsibility and good behavior. Teaching kids that making their own bed every morning, for example, is a priceless virtue expected of them.

You do Certain Things in Life as a Sense of Duty

In life, you do not receive payment for everything that you do. It is important for kids to learn and understand this fact. In the same way that mom does not receive payment to make dinner or wash clothes, and neither does dad when he fixes a broken pipe or repairs the dog’s cage, so are the chores assigned to children. Ultimately, children learn to take care of their own family duties and that of their surroundings too.

There are Other Ways Kids can Earn Money

While many parents that  pay their children for doing chores will often argue that they do so to teach that money is not free, and that their kids must learn proper money management from a young age, household chores are an exception. There are other activities given to kids where they can earn or receive compensation or financial reward. For example, a parent can offer to give a certain amount of money or other form of reward if their child volunteers to help at a charity event or if they did something extraordinary out of their own volition.

The Right Expectation is Pride and Satisfaction

Every parent wants their child to succeed in life. Children doing their chores satisfactorily without expecting any form of monetary reward will instead lean towards the higher achievement of pride and satisfaction for a job well done. In future, when they secure their first job for a minimum wage, presumably, they will be able to do an exceptional job too. They know how to work beyond what they earn. Life will in turn reward them with higher remuneration and promotion.

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