Reasons Why You Should Visit Cricket Wireless Today #DesMoinesSTSA

This blog post is sponsored by Cricket Wireless and Megan Media. I was engaged by Cricket Wireless to visit a local store and write about my experience. All opinions expressed are my own. #DesMoinesSTSA

Choosing a cell phone service for your family can be stressful. There is so much to consider, from what type of phone should you get, to which plan is best, to how much data your child will use every month so you don’t get charged for pesky overages. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about that monthly bill; the thought of it alone can bring someone to a panic.

Cricket Wireless #DesMoinesSTSA

The team at Cricket Wireless gets it. That’s why they specialize in giving you a hand with this difficult decision. They want to give you something to smile about! Cricket’s goal is to make your mobile phone experience easy and bring simplicity to what can be a confusing process.

Cricket Wireless Offers Great Plans for All

Cricket offers a clear cut, no hidden monthly fees, and no annual contract monthly plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and data for only $55/mo.* This rate is after a $5 auto pay discount, and it includes monthly taxes! This eliminates the huge problem of data overages. So go ahead and watch those hours of videos and TV shows anytime you want. Not to mention, unlimited minutes and text when you have a teen is like a breath of fresh air.

Let Cricket Wireless Handle All of Your Family's Wireless Needs

Right now, Cricket Wireless is offering something special. You get to select from one of four 4G LTE smartphones for FREE when you switch to Cricket!** Cue the trumpets of joy! This deal requires service activation (in store, up to $25) with a qualifying plan (min. $30/mo), port-in, and a new service line. First month service charge and applicable sales tax due at sale.

Select from one of four 4G LTE smartphones for FREE when you switch to Cricket

My daughter fell in love with the Samsung Amp 2 right away. It comes complete with a powerful quad-core processor and Android, which of course offers the Playstore and access to all the apps she holds so dear. Dual 5MP and 2MP cameras allow her to capture those amazing photos, HD videos, and, of course, selfies!

Get a free Samsung Amp 2 from Cricket with new service activation!

With the Samsung Amp 2 from Cricket, she can talk and text all day and night with a 2,050 mAh battery and power-saving features that maximize battery life. No more telling mom she didn’t answer because her phone was dead.

With Cricket, you get the wide network coverage that you rightfully deserve! More 4G LTE coverage nationwide than T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Sprint or Boost. With Cricket Wireless you are covered!***

With Cricket, you get the wide network coverage that you rightfully deserve

So what are you waiting for? Cricket Wireless offers superior customer service available to help with all your needs. Visit a Cricket store near you! Use the handy Cricket Store Locator to find your nearest store.

*Cricket svc. subject to network management practices (; after 22GB of data usage on a line in a plan cycle, for the rest of the cycle Cricket may slow data speeds on that line during periods of network congestion. Cricket’s unlimited plan uses Stream More to stream higher definition video at standard definition quality, similar to DVD (about 480p). Cricket will activate Stream More for you, but you may turn it off or back on at any time; ( Mobile Hotspot feature not avail. See below at *** for download speed information.

**Excl. AT&T ports. Elig. Devices: Alcatel Streak, ZTE Sonata 3, LG Fortune, Samsung Amp 2 while supplies last. Return Fee: $25; add’l one-time fees (up to $3 Customer Assistance Fee) may apply. Restr’s apply. Terms subject to change.

***Based on coverage in U.S. Download speeds max of 8Mbps (LTE)/4Mbps(4G). Compatible device req’d. 4G LTE not avail. everywhere.

This post is sponsored by Cricket Wireless and Megan Media. All opinions expressed are my own.


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