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Scott’s Liquid Gold Clean Screen Review

Spring cleaning time is here. Let’s not forget some of the most important and expensive pieces in our home, the electronics! It is eccential to keeping gadgets including computer monitors, TV and more clean and safe from floating debree like dust. First rule of electronic cleaning ~ Do not assume that all cleaners are alike. […]

Natural House’s All-Natural Cleaning Products Review and Giveaway

  Natural House probiotic cleaning products brings you a revolutionary, new method of cleaning the most dirty areas of your home. Utilizing non-toxic, probiotic cleaning agents, Natural House products are strong enough for commercial clean-up, yet safe and gentle for all of the members of your Natural House. Here’s a little more info about Natural House’s […]

Downy Unstopables Review

Recently we got to demo Downy Unstopables through Vocalpoint and I am stuck with mixed feelings about the product. On one hand this laundry adative does just what it states, enhances scent and it does a fabulous job at it. One the other hand why would you need this if you are the typical laundry […]