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When planning a vacation we typically worry about the cost of our travel expenses, airfare, hotel stay and food while away from home, but some vacations also bring to mind a new wardrobe. Budget Friendly Travel Wardrobe options is something that many have to think of when considering a trip this year.  Whether you are headed to the beach with your family, going on a special business trip with cocktail hours and red carpet events or heading out on your first luxury cruise experience your wardrobe may need some sprucing up.

Mobile wardrobe with orange and purple clothing, and leather suitcase.


SHOP THRIFT SHOPS & SECOND HAND OPTIONS.  Not only does your own neighborhood have a few thrift shops, consignment stores and probably a great Goodwill location, you can also check out online gently used sales.  Ebay, ThredUp, Craigslist and more are great places to find excellent gently used clothing for special occasions or every day wear at great low prices.

SHOP FRIENDS CLOSETS.  Headed out for a work event or cruise vacation that will require you to have a formal or cocktail dress that you don’t currently own?  Check around with friends and family that are your size and see if you can borrow or even rent a dress from them for this one occasion.  Many friends own items they have only worn once or twice that will be a great choice for you to wear for little to no cost.

GRAB NEW ACCESSORIES TO SPICE UP YOUR CURRENT WARDROBE.  Check out great deals on fun scarves, bags, necklaces and more on sites like Jane, To Adorn, Amazon and more.  Not only will you find great deals, but they will be the current fashion trends.  Spice up your existing wardrobe with some fun statement pieces that change the look of that little black dress or favorite maxi dress in an instant.

STICK TO BASIC PIECES/COLORS.  Grabbing classic colors and pieces is the best way to go when working on your travel wardrobe.  Solid colored skirts, shorts, pants and dresses that can be easily dressed up and changed with a bright cardigan, sweater, shawl or jewelry.

STICK WITH EASY TO PACK ITEMS.  Linens, cotton and jersey knit are all great for packing since you can roll them and pack easily into a carry on bag if needed.  Avoid heavy items like wool and denim unless your vacation will be taking you to a cooler climate where they will be needed.  Sundresses, maxi dresses, simple linen pants and capris are great options that pack well and are versatile for many events.

Think outside the box with these budget friendly travel wardrobe tips.  Check what you have in your closet now and see what smaller items you can revamp them with easily.  Maxi dresses can be great for casual days out, or dressed up with a strappy heel and a sparkly bolero or shawl for evening.  Linen pants and tops can be classic for work events and cool and casual for vacation site seeing.  Focus on adding fun elements to your existing wardrobe instead of buying a completely new set of clothing to take.

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