Top Five Lipsticks For Transitioning Into Fall

If you don’t have time (or desire) to do a full face of makeup, a sweep across your lips with a good lipstick can make all the difference in the world in how you feel that day.  As we’re heading into Fall, it’s time to put some berries and reds in with your peachy lip products.  I’ve included five great lipsticks with a variety of price tags here.  Pick one (or many, I won’t tell) to add to your collection and glam up the season.


1. Nyx Butter Lipstick – Nyx is always great for trying out new shades because of how affordable they are.  At around $6.00 a piece you can purchase them in multiple shades and see what suits you.  It’s in “Licorice” above: a satin finish dark burgundy.  Runner up for this line is the color “Sweet Tart” if you like more pinks. {$5.99 /}

2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte – Every woman should try red lipstick because it’s a confidence builder.  Every woman deserves a YSL lipstick because it’s so luxurious.  YSL lipsticks always make your lips feel smooth, moisturized, and plump.  These are your look-how-hot-I-am-in-this-selfie lips.  The one featured above is in “Red Muse”.  Can we just take a moment to discuss how beautiful the tube is too?  It’s a slightly shiny satin finish.  You will not be disappointed in the formula if you pick this one up. {$35.00 /}

3. Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick – There has to be a matte lipstick in this collection, so what better way to try a plum?  This is a long-wear formula that doesn’t stain and sticks well to a lip primer if you prefer to use one.  This is one that will stay for around 4 hours at a time, but may need reapplied if you’re wearing it out to eat or for drinks because a little bit of it does transfer to your cup/straw.  Clinique lipsticks run in the mid-range for prices and are a good step up from Nyx or E.L.F.  An honorable mention for those not ready for a plum is their Pink Chocolate shade. {$16.00 /}

4. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine – Because not every situation calls for a bold lip this is a sheer, shimmery gloss.  It’s in the shade “Intime” which is a very light pink with coral undertones.  What makes this a great choice for Fall is how moisturizing it is.  As we’re heading into Fall, the weather is going to do all sorts of weird back and forth moves.  It’s too easy to find your lips dry and cracked.  This is a long-wear moisturizing formula that goes fabulously with natural makeup look.s {$35.00 /}

5. NARS Audacious Lipstick – There had to be NARS in here somewhere.  It’s a great “top shelf” makeup brand.  The shade above is “Audrey”, which is a deep pink with just a touch of coral to brighten it up.  This is one of my favorite Bridal look shades for women who want to step out of the nudes-pinks-peaches trend from Summer.  (I am going to be an October bride this year.)  This lipstick plays well with others.  You can layer it with liners or glosses without a lot of smearing and melting.  This is so good for full glam lips.  It comes in 40 colors, so go find yours. {$32.00 /}

So which one do you want in your purse the most?  I’m guessing that somebody’s going to ask at the end of this, “But Brooke.  Where’s the MAC lipstick?”  There are so many MAC shades good for Fall that they could have their own list.  Would you like to see one?  Let me know below.

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