Balancing Work and Family Life

Balancing Work and Family Life #BalancingLife #WAHM

It is not always easy for a mom to juggle family and work so that they have some balance in their life, but it is not impossible.  According to statistics, half the workforce in the US is women and about 40% of those also have children to take care of. This can cause guilt feelings and stress because of divided attention, but the key to achieving a balance between the two is to have an organized plan.

Don’t Feel Guilty

The more guilt you feel the more stressed you will become and that will make it harder to do all that needs to be done. Remember, that there are advantages to having your income such as vacations and saving for college. It could mean that you can afford for the children to take dancing or football classes that might not have been affordable if you were not working.

You have to accept the situation. There will be good days and bad days, but overall the whole family will benefit.

Have A Fulfilling Career

Any bad feelings about going back to work will be much easier to cope with if you love the job you do. You do not have to go back to the same line of work you were in before the children were born, as the opportunities to get qualified in something else are huge and varied. There are courses such as the advanced online MSW degree, as one example, that could open many new career paths for you to follow. Just see what’s around and what jumps out at you.

Find Good Childcare

Ask mom friends and family if they can recommend a good daycare center. The children mixing with other children of their own age is good for their development like childcare Newmarket that have programs that will make sure your child will be safe in a fun, controlled environment. View several of them before making a choice. The alternative is to hire a nanny, but you need to make sure they have excellent references and are able to help with children of all ages.

Be Ready For Mornings

Prepare as much as you can the night before. Lay all the children’s and your own clothes out, make sure bag are packed and ready to go. Being prepared is a much better way to start your day and will stop the early morning stress that some working moms suffer from.

Prepare The Week Ahead

Use a wall chart to prepare for the week ahead. Put all important events on it such as birthdays and school meetings that need attending. You can also use it for chores for family members, using a different color for each one. It might take a half hour of your time each weekend, but the hassle it can save throughout the work is tremendous.

Limit Distractions

Limit the distractions when the children are around. You can go on social media or watch TC when they have gone to bed, but while they are still up and about they should have as much time of yours as they need. You should also make sure there is some family time where you and the children do something together. Watching a movie with them or playing some games will give them something to look forward to.

Finally, try to avoid discussing work when they are around, as that can make them feel that they are a nuisance and really you would rather be at your job than with them.

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  1. Maintaining balance is often sought for, definitely good to be flexible in both aspects

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