4 Fun Ideas to Try During Your Next Family TV or Movie Night

4 Fun Ideas to Try During Your Next Family TV or Movie Night

Setting up a family TV or movie night is a great and fun way to spend time with the entire family, and people have been doing it for decades. Back in the day, folks needed to check the schedules of their local TV  or cable provider, or they had to play recorded media on a Betamax, VHS, or DVD player just to see a movie in the comfort of their own home. Now, the whole affair has become more convenient for many Filipino families. With a smart OLED TV and a Netflix subscription, one can have access to hundreds of movies or TV series with just a few clicks on a remote control.

However, making sure everyone is enjoying every time you hold a movie night can be challenging when you have an audience of varying ages and interests. In case you are running out of fresh ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are some suggestions to liven things up the next time you gather around in front of the TV screen as a family for movie night.

Replicate a Cinema Experience in Your Home

One way to make family TV or movie night extra fun is to recreate the moviehouse experience right in your home. Prepare special mock movie passes or tickets for your “audience.” Hand these out before the start of the screening and let family members know they need the tickets to gain access. If you are watching in a designated room, stand by the doorway and collect the tickets. You and your partner can dress up as cinema attendants and usher your kids to their seats.

When everyone has settled into their seats, turn off all the lights to get further into the cinema experience. If you have younger kids who might not be comfortable watching in the dark, hang some Christmas lights on the wall to provide lighting that won’t be distracting for others. 

Serve Your Favorite Snacks

A movie night will not be complete without something delicious to munch on. If you want to build on the cinema theme, you can set up a snack bar and pretend to sell the food items by lining them up and having the kids use play money as a form of payment. You can include your all-time favorite snacks be it Chippy, Boy Bawang, Choco Mallows, or Choc Nut. However, don’t forget to have some healthy options available, too, like fruits, nuts, raisins, and salted popcorn. For mess-free drinks, place your beverages in reusable tumblers with straws. 

4 Fun Ideas to Try During Your Next Family TV or Movie Night

Select a Movie or Show Everyone Will Enjoy

One of the vital elements during this occasion is the TV show or movie you will watch. This can sometimes be a little tricky when you have family members with different preferences. Ideally, when you choose a movie, it is something everyone can enjoy. If you have young kids, you can easily play some Disney and Pixar classics like Toy Story, Cars, and Tangled. In case your children tend to fidget or can’t stay still for a long time, you can watch a couple of episodes of TV shows such as Carmen Sandiego. Since these shows end earlier than full-length feature films, it is also easier to encourage children to follow their regular bedtime.

While there is a wide selection of animated shows and movies young children can enjoy, your adolescent kids may not be as interested. If you are choosing a movie for an audience composed of teenagers and adults, there are various family-friendly titles you can pick from including Jumanji, Night at the Museum, and Doolittle. These adventure-type movies are not just entertaining, but they will also put everyone at the edge of their seats.

Prepare a Theme for the Night

Another fun idea you can try next time you have a movie night is putting up decorations according to the movie’s theme. This will make the night exciting for everyone, both adults and kids alike. For example, if you are watching Coco, you can decorate the room with items that represent the Day of the Dead in Mexican culture. You can cut out paper skulls and have kids color or paint them in vibrant colors. Then, you can hang them on the walls along with some colorful paper flowers. When it comes to the snacks, prepare foods like nachos and sugar skull cookies so you can stick with the theme.

You can also do something similar even if you are watching a musical like Hairspray. Before the film starts, you can play some music from the 60s. Make sure to get some scrumptious food ready, too, including popcorn, pizza, and donuts. You might also want to push the chairs and couch back from the screen so you and your family have room when you want to dance during the movie.

Movie nights are a fun way to bond with your family without spending a lot. However, it can become monotonous if you keep doing the same thing every time. To make your next TV or film viewing experience more exciting, follow any of the tips mentioned above. Whether it’s a beloved classic or something more recent, there are plenty of shows and movies available on different streaming apps that your whole family can enjoy.

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