Long Day? Relax With a Glass of Rosé

Long Day? Relax With a Glass of Rosé

Having a glass of wine once the kids have gone to bed is not only relaxing but healthy. All in moderation, people. Wine is noble like that; it boosts your mood and brings a smile to your face!

Now, with all those different wines out there, all from different grapes and countries. How to choose the right wine? Go easy on yourself. Go with rosé. Here’s what you need to know about the wine style and how to pair the pink specialty with food, especially great homemade food! Let’s talk about rosé.

What is Rosé, anyway?

We all know rosé is pink wine, literally, but what you might not know is that the category has one of the best quality-price ratios; you get so much for your money! And it’s because rosé is relatively easy to make, not that it’s not great. 

To make rosé, winemakers use red grapes. The grape skins give red wine its ruby color, which spend a lot of time in contact with the clear grape juice. If they steep those grape skins in the liquid for a few hours, that’s enough time to allow the juice to gain the loveliest pink or orangy hue!

Is Rosé Healthy?

Alcohol is not that great for your health, but it’s not all that bad either, especially if you don’t overdo it.  Rosé has some antioxidants, another benefit of letting the juice get infused by red grapes skins. And antioxidants are surprisingly good for your health; they keep your heart healthy and can help keep premature aging signs at bay. 

Rosé is also relatively low in alcohol compared to other types of wine, and it’s almost always dry, so it has no extra sugar. Besides, a glass of rosé now and then helps you relax, lowering your anxiety and stress levels. Who doesn’t need that?

How to Pair Rosé with food?

Rosé is super versatile at the table. A dry rosé goes great with sushi and seafood and matches your favorite finger food as well. The secret is the wine’s mouth-watering acidity. It just makes it so food compatible!

Sweet rosé is also lovely, and you can pair it with all types of desserts, including a beautiful Dulce de Leche I just made for myself. Let’s just say, as long as you’re not pairing rosé with heavy dishes, like a steak; you’ll find it to be the perfect match for dinner. 

Rosé is Just Tons of Fun!

The best part? You can have a bottle of pink wine around and have a glass every few evenings just to chill. But it will prove to be quite handy when having unexpected guests coming over to say hi.

Rosé is more than crowd-pleasing, it’s a charmer! No one will say no to a glass of chilly pink wine and its attractive cherry scents. That’s a marvelous way to end the day! Who knows? Any given evening can become a long night of chatter with friends! Have that bottle of rosé ready!

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  1. I actually just started drinking wine and rose is definitely my favourite . Great to know the benefits it has .

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