ZOOMBIEZOO Stich large plush and clip-on Review & Giveaway

Neecy Twinem is not your average zookeeper. She is the creator of ZOMBIEZOO® but she does not try to “keep” the zombies or even try to tell them what to do. they have their own minds and desires and sometimes “keep” her. Being an artist and children’s book author/illustrator, Neecy is always dreaming up new little stories and characters for her books, paintings, or just for fun. Being a huge lover of toys and anything quirky, she truly is one of those grown-up kids. She also adores Dia de los Muertos and collects anything playfully dead. One of her great desires has been to design and manufacture her own line of toys. Her idea for ZOMBIEZOO was whispered to her one night by Boo, her black cat companion and her greatest muse.

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Stich is not your typical pig. Being a Zombie certainly has its disadvantages, as she is obsessed with hygiene. She wants to look good, smell good and stay free of germs. She continually takes baths and does everyone’s laundry. She loves her Zombie buddies but always wants to scrub them, which is not always a popular activity at the Zoo. Hand sanitizer is her treasured possession. Think clean pink!



What the momma thinks…

I feel in love with Stich the ZOMBIEZOO pig from the first moment I say her. Then when I visited the website, http://zombiezoo.com and read her bio as seen above, I knew she would make the ideal present for my seven-year old daughter.

Stich and my little lady share a lot of the same personality features. They are both hygiene perfectionist, taking bathes as often as allowed. I mean seriously who needs to change their clothes every time a small drop of water hit them? Now while I think these actions are actually overreactions, I realized that my Aryka needed a friend in her quest for ultimate cleanliness. That friend is Stich.

Both the full-size and mini clip-on share the same adorable pink, monstrous face. Every piece resembles the stitched on effect of a Frankenstein style monster but the soft plush material and friendly smile gives it the cozy feel that any stuffed animal needs to find love. The large Stich like other ZOOMBIEZOO characters comes with a DVD. The mini has a clip-on which is ideal for attaching to backpacks and overnight bags.

I found the quality of both pieces to be exceptional for a stuffed creation. The meaning and story being Stich is what really brings her to life and bonds her with my daughter in our home. What a friend in clean crime she will make on Christmas morning.

BUY IT: Purchase STICH large and mini clip-on plush characters along with other members of the ZOOMBIEZOO family from http://zombiezoo.com.


ZOOMBIEZOO is sending one Mom to Bed by 8 reader a Zoombiezoo large and clip-on character of choice!

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