Why Use Candles For Decorating?

Tealights are an attractive way to decorate at home or in commercial settings. They can help to create a luxurious spa-like feeling for businesses such as massage clinics, chiropractic offices, counseling clinics and more. At home, they can add to décor over a mantle piece or become part of a table centerpiece. Candles are a popular component of décor in a variety of settings because they offer several advantages and benefits.


One of the best things about using candles to decorate is that they are cheap. Candles can many times be purchased for literally pennies. It’s hard to disagree that candles are inexpensive. Even scented candles can be very cheaply bought.


Another benefit of candles is that they can be battery operated. With traditional candles that have live flames, there is a danger of accidental fire. Although most people are very careful with candles and take precautions to keep surrounding objects away from the flame, there is still a danger of fire with an open flame. With battery operated candles, the danger of fire is mitigated. This means that even people who live in apartments and rental homes can use candles to decorate, without violating the terms of their rental contract.


Candles are portable. You can put them just about anywhere, as long as they are not too close to objects that might catch on fire. With battery operated candles, the options are a little more open, because there is not as much danger of fire.



Candles are a versatile addition to almost any desired setting. They can add to the scary aura of Halloween festivities, or the reverent feeling of religious ceremonies and celebrations. They can make a setting cozy and romantic, or refreshing and relaxing. Whatever you are trying to accomplish with your décor, it can probably be enhanced with candles. Both traditional and battery operated candles come in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Candles can be used indoors or outdoors. Live flame candles will need tall chimneys around them to prevent the flame from being blown out by the breeze. Electric candles have an advantage in this setting because they can’t be blown out by the wind. In addition to setting candles in stationary holders, the holders can be placed on water to float freely such as in a fountain, swimming pool, or centerpiece. They can also be hung from trees, pergolas or specially designed candle hangers for indoor use.


Some people use battery operated tea lights as night lights for children or seniors. Flameless candles with timer functions are a great option for this purpose. They can be decoratively set in window sills, or on wall ledges or shelves to provide a bit of light for children to use the restroom in the night or for parents to check on a crying baby during the night. With the timer set to turn off the light after a certain amount of time, you don’t have to worry about the battery running down too quickly.


Candles are a fun way to decorate that catches the attention of young and old. They are a timeless tradition as well as a modern sophistication.


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