What type of invitation does your event need?

No matter the event, it always begins custom invitations. Everything from weddings to children’s birthday parties requires a well crafted invite to get the guests to appear.

The invitation style sets the mood of the event. Clean cut lined designs give off a formal setting best used for weddings and business functions. Bright colors, artful designs and funky text are the beginnings of a fun filled event best used for birthdays and themed parties.

Then there are options such as style and shape of the invite. The shape sets the tone for what is to be read. Flat, pocket and layered are excellent choices for formal events. Square and folder add a funky festive feel and are the ideal shape for the more casual party.

folded invite

Paper Direct offers hundreds of styles, colors and shapes to select from. Once you set your mind to a style, adding words via font and color are simple using their well laid out design program. It is easy to create a magnificent invitation to match the event you have been dreaming of.

For additional personalizing I suggest lined envelopes with pre-printed matching color/font return addresses. You can also add a gold or silver seal for more envelope appeal. You can even go as far as photo customized stamps.

The invitation should include what the event is for, date and time of the event, location and rsvp information. Keep in mind that RSVP invites need a name plus phone number or email address included in the invite text or on a separate mini card. 

Do go that extra mile and order matching thank you cards. Nothing show appreciation more than a simple reminder that you care that they took the time to attend and are grateful for what gift they provided if any.

Most of all make sure to take that little bit of extra time to make the invitations unforgettable and perfectly yours!


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