Wee Believers Nativity 2-in-1 Floor Puzzle Review

Keeping kids entertained and quiet in church is no easy task. A 4-year-old just doesn’t have the attention span to sit still and listen quietly for 45 minutes. Instead of reaching for dress-up dolls or racecars to occupy little ones, why not give them faith-based toys that complement rather than diverge from the message of the service? The latest church-friendly products from Wee Believers® prove that faith can be fun, and quiet! Parents will welcome toys whose play value enforces the goodness in life for on-the-go and home play, as well.

Started by parents Joni and Steve Abdalla, Wee Believers® designs toys that reflect the joy, excitement and goodness of the Christian faith. The parents of four (with another on the way) wanted to give their children relevant and wholesome toys to play with before, during and after church. After one too many Sundays seeing kids run their racecars up and down the pew, they decided to create a solution. They were surprised to discover that there was plenty of room in the market for professionally designed, high-quality faith-based toys.

Many of the Wee Believers® products have the Certified Quiet™ seal, meaning they won’t irritate or distract anyone sitting around you. Plush dolls, coloring activities and pretend play toys will entertain, teach and inspire little ones to engage more deeply in their faith, all while keeping them quietly happy so parents can take in the service without disruption.

But, you don’t necessarily have to don your Sunday best to enjoy Wee Believers products. The company’s products are intended for year-round inspirational play and work equally well at church, at home, at school or on-the-go.

Nativity 2-in-1 Floor Puzzle • Ages 3+ • $14.99

Celebrate the Christmas season with this oversized, double-sided puzzle. This sturdy and glossy puzzle features the nativity scene with Jesus, Mary and Joseph on one side and a snowy landscape on the other side. A challenging individual, classroom or team activity. The puzzle has 54 pieces and the completed puzzle measures 2’ x 3’.

What the Momma thinks….

We are a home that has a fond love with larger floor size puzzles. I find that my four children (ages 7 and under) are able to grasp the pieces and can work together soundly on a project of this size. By adding the Nativity 2-in-1 Floor Puzzle by Wee Believers I gave them something more than just their everyday activity. I added a little faith in with the fun.

It is important to me as a mom for my children to realize that while getting presents and attending all the exciting Christmas activities is great, there is a story at the beginning that sat all the wonderful events in motion. Though they are young I try to keep the conversations about God short and sweet, I feel that by introducing family activities like building the Nativity 2-in-1 Floor Puzzle together, I am able to tell them what is most important while spending quality time doing something they enjoy.

Now the Nativity 2-in-1 Floor Puzzle is made of larger cardboard pieces that are double-sided. This way when you are done completing the first picture, you still have another to start all over again on. I was surprised at how well the photo quality was: very clear and colorful. Both sides of the puzzle are glossy and pleasant on the eyes. My daughters both adore the nativity scene and almost forbid me to put the puzzle away in the end (but they wanted dinner at that time too).

Wee Believers offers a nice selection of products at different price points. A few I took note of: Nativity Fridge Magnets ($9.99), Wood Lacing Toys ($14.99) and My Mass Kit ($69.99). I will be shopping their site again soon for at least two of those will be under our tree this holiday season.

BUY IT: Purchase the Nativity 2-in-1 Floor Puzzle from for $14.99.

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