CAT Honk & Rumble Wheel Review ~ Toddler Gift Ideas

My toddler maybe small but he is all boy. Rough, tough and loving could have all been his middle name. So when shopping for him I look for toys that will keep him entertained for more than five minutes and also for something that will keep on ticking even after it has been tossed down the stairs a few times. I found all of that in the CAT Honk & Rumble Wheel by Toy State Industrial.

This wheel is made of some really tough stuff. A solid plastic construction that can really take a beating if need be. It also has the full drive features including vibrations, engine sounds, honking and more. This will sure keep your little one busy like it does mine.

The first time Elliot played with the CAT Honk & Rumble Wheel his face light up like a Christmas tree. His eyes were big and smile from ear to ear. I knew then we had a winner in our hands. This toy is even small enough to take with you on the road. Though I will warn you it does make a lot of sounds, so be careful not to pull it out in places that require quiet (like the doctor’s office).

CAT Honk & Rumble Wheel

Honk, rumble and roll with this portable steering wheel! Exciting lights and a motorized rumble feature will put you into the driver’s seat! Turn on the ignition, honk the horn, use the blinkers or push buttons to unlock wacky sounds and lighting effects! Just remember- always drive safely! Three AA Batteries Included. Recommended for Ages 18 months and up.

BUY IT: Purchase the CAT Honk & Rumble Wheel from ToysR’Us for $16.99.

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