How to Make Wedding Planning Less Stressful

How to Make Wedding Planning Less Stressful

It won’t be long following the excitement of your much-anticipated engagement when you begin to realize the mammoth task that lies ahead of you. Yes, planning a wedding is a thrilling experience, but there is no denying the fact that it can be a stressful one too. Luckily, it need not cause you quite the amount of anxiety that you expect. 

Keep the following advice in mind and you are sure to sail your way through to the altar with minimal fuss and hassle. 

Focus on one aspect at a time 

Instead of thinking about your wedding day as one big picture to start off with (after you have chosen the overall theme, of course), focus your attention on planning specific aspects of the day. For example, begin thinking about the catering and draw up an entire menu, hire the caterer, and do all of the taste testing before you move on to another aspect. 

By ticking off tasks in their entirety as you go along, you will be sure to feel less overwhelmed by the sheer amount of planning that you have to do. 

How to Make Wedding Planning Less Stressful

Book early 

The earlier you book, the better. Whether you are looking to buy butterfly release packages, a live band, or you have your eye on a particularly sought-after venue, there is no such thing as booking too early. If you wait until just a few months before your wedding is set to take place, you may have to face substantial disappointment and make unwanted changes to your plans. 

Give yourself enough time 

As you can see, both time and timing play a huge role in the stress (or lack thereof) of wedding planning. So, do your best to give yourself enough time to get everything done without feeling pressurized. The majority of engagements last around 12 to 18 months, and most brides will agree that you will need a minimum of a year to get through everything without an immense amount of stress.

How to Make Wedding Planning Less Stressful

Choose your bridal party early 

By choosing your maid of honor and bridesmaids within a few months following your engagement, you will have a number of extra hands to help you with the organization, brainstorming, and general planning. Most bridesmaids will be thrilled to assist you leading up to the big day, so don’t hesitate to ask. 

Avoid comparing your wedding to others

By the time it’s your turn to say ‘I do’, you will probably have been to a number of other weddings and experienced a variety of different themes, wedding food, unique wedding favors and wedding vibes. As such, it can be difficult not to try to outdo these weddings with your own. However, comparing your special day to others is a recipe for stress and anxiety. Focus on staying true to yourselves and just do your best to ensure that your guests have a great time and you will already be well on your way to having a memorable wedding day.

Breathe, start early, and just try to enjoy the process. It will be time to take your walk down the aisle before you know it.

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