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When my daughter, Ryleigh, was born two months ago we didn’t have much funding to be having two kids in diapers. I have always been that mom that bought whatever the cheapest wipe was and sometimes that meant sacrificing quality to save money. I started noticing that my newborn was having rashes. My first thought was that it was because I was using the wrong diapers with her, so I switched brands. The rash was still there. I was at a loss as to what the problem could be, but then I was told by a fellow mother that it could be the wipes that I was using that could be irritating her skin. I never would have attributed her irritated skin to the wipes that I was using to clean her up after her messes that she would make. I always made sure to get the sensitive and non-scented wipes. When I received WaterWipes for review, I immediately switched to using them with my little one when they came through the door.


Within two days, Ryleigh no longer had irritated skin. I was shocked and relieved all at once. How could I have not thought that the wipes could have been the cause? When you think of wipes, I think most of you are like me. You just assume that a wipe is a wipe. Their only job is to clean the skin, right? But WaterWipes takes more in to account when they make their natural baby wipes. They are a certified allergy friendly product. These wipes are also made with 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. There is nothing extra in there that could even possibly make the skin irritated in any way. These wipes are acclaimed to help avoid diaper rash. They are extra soft and have no grease to them whatsoever. You get 60 wipes per pack, and since I found myself only using one per diaper change, that meant 60 diaper changes.

Even though the wipes are not super thick, they can clean up even the most disastrous of messes that your little one can produce in their diaper. I even switched my two year old to them even though she was not having any issues with irritation. I was able to clean her poo messes with just ONE wipe. This to me was amazing because it normally takes me two of the bargain brand that I had been using.

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On the packaging, WaterWipes lists all of their awards that they have received, and in this mom’s eyes, they deserve every single one of them. The wipes are suitable for newborns or any child that has sensitive skin. They are so absorbent and they leave nothing behind. It doesn’t take extra wiping to get anything off of the skin even when I change both of my children in the morning. I felt like I was giving them a superior clean and not having to wipe extra hard. This alone also helped with not having to irritate my oldest one’s skin. I normally have to wipe several times in the same area to get her skin clean. With them also being free from preservatives, I knew that I was using the most pure product on my child’s skin. Makes you really think about what is in baby wipes.

I had no idea that the recommended softness for wipes on a baby’s skin was warm water and cotton balls. This is exactly the consistency that WaterWipes provides. I also loved the packaging because when it states that the package is resealable they mean it. I was able to peel back the seal, get a wipe and reclose the seal. I made sure to read the packaging since I was unfamiliar with WaterWipes, and it does state not to transfer the wipes to another container. I would imagine this is to keep them as pure as they come to you in the packaging that they are already in.

If you would like to know where to get WaterWipes to use for yourself with your little one, they do have a store locator. I was surprised to see that the location near me was Walgreens. How convenient since I have one right down the street from me? WaterWipes has saved me lots of time and stress. My babies are also a lot happier because their bums feel incredible. A happy baby makes for a happy mama. Make sure to snag some of these amazingly pure wipes for your little ones.

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About WaterWaters:

Baby wipes contain a huge amount of ingredients of which a lot of them are harsh chemicals. Baby’s skin is 5 to 7 times thinner than an adult skin. If you consider you may change baby up to 10 times a day, that’s 70 diaper changes a week. This is a lot of chemicals to apply on baby’s skin. Especially from birth. An adult would not do it on their own skin so why would you on a baby’s skin.

Some of the main baby wipes brands, eco-friendly, organic or so called ‘natural’ baby wipes brand you may have at home or your local Target store still contain a lot of chemicals. Harsh chemicals.
WaterWipes are the only baby wipes containing no chemicals but only two ingredients: purified water @ 99.9% and Grapefruit seed extract @ 0.1% . That’s it! Nothing else!

WaterWipes can be used by anyone who have a sensitive skin, from newborn babies to toddler, children and adults. WaterWipes is the only baby wipe to be ever approved by the independent Allergy UK which means that anyone with a skin condition like eczema, psioriasis, dermatitis, ect can use WaterWipes without any harm , rash, sting or tight effect. It is just pure water.

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