Waterplay with the Big Splash Water Park by Step2

Warmer weather means it is time for some outdoor fun and one of our favorites ways to do just that is water play. There is a lot to be said about sprinklers and pools but what about for those days were it is just not quite right for getting all over wet? I suggest the Big Splash Water Park by Step2. This toy can be used both indoors and out by children ages 18 months and up. Truly my almost 8-year-old love to play with this toy just as much as her two-year old brother E.

This water table is created from the traditional Step2 quality I have come to love and expect. Each piece is made from a strong plastic that seems to be resistant to most stains as well as mold/rot which is a big area of concern with water toys. The put together was a simple snap in place for the main table and the accessories simply sit on top. Now my husband and I disagree on the accessory feature. He does not like that they just sit in place as in his opinion makes them easier to fall apart. While I agree that they tip over easier this way, I also think this is for the best when you think in terms of storage during the colder months. If they were a snap in place, taking them off and on would eventually wear down the strength of the snap and eventually cause it to break. So really this is a 50/50 good and bad feature in my home.

The diving board is easy to navigate and can catapult the characters into the pool with a light push of the hand.

However I think the waterfall feature is super fun and my favorite. In fact my kiddos get on to me every time we place with the Big Splash Water Park because I take my time filling it with water pouring it into the open green water container. As the water falls through the white spouts it activates the waterwheel on one side and allows the characters to slide down a fun-filled water slide on the other. You can also shut off the water flow by pushing the white spout up.

This unit is cleans up well. Simply empty and dry off with a towel. If you find that you do have a smudge of dirt, just scrub lightly with a wet towel, no cleaners needed.

The Big Splash Water Park will surely continue to be used year after year till my toddler has outgrown its watery fun. Of all the tables I have seen, this one has the least amount of parts to loss and break making it a top buy in my book.

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