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I can remember coming home with my first daughter like it was yesterday. All of the flooded, hormonal emotions from joy to fear built like a skyscraper in my chest as we drove home from the hospital with our bundle of joy. What was even worse was that we were more than eight hundred miles from our friends and family. So we were on our own in discovering parenthood and that was a pretty terrifying yet beautiful experience.

I cannot tell you how many times we turn to the internet to answer even what seems now to be the silliest of questions. As a young mom, I didn’t even know how to make a bottle or even if formula was enough to keep my newborn healthy. Really the list of questions really went on and on for pretty much the first year of her life.

Walmart now offers Baby Steps for online solutions to your baby’s needs. Had there been a simple use guide like this seven years ago, I probably would have spent more time relaxing with my daughter and enjoying motherhood.

As I mentioned before one of my first worries when we got home was feeding my newborn. Walmart Baby Steps offers a variety of videos by age and weight to help assist you in finding the best solution and product for your baby’s needs.

Find Solutions for All Your Baby’s Needs

Visit Baby Steps and find solutions for all your baby’s needs. Get baby product information and purchase supplies conveniently online at

Watch Informative & Entertaining Videos

Baby Steps covers it all from tips on how to change a squirmy baby, to how best to introduce solid foods. Find the answers you need in the form of quick and entertaining videos. Topics include:

Changing Solutions:

  • Baby Potty Basics
  • When to Call the Doc
  • Changing a Diaper
  • Diaper Challenges
  • Diaper Essentials
  • Potty Training

Feeding Solutions:

  • Good Nutrition
  • Formula Feeding
  • Bottle Basics
  • Solid Food

Get Started at For those of you who are expecting or have a young infant at home, I definitely suggest checking out Walmart Baby Steps. I even found a few things I didn’t know and that says a lot from a more experienced mommy (4 kiddos later).


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