Guide to Walking and Cycling Holidays in Europe

Guide to Walking and Cycling Holidays in Europe

Europe offers a huge selection of holiday destinations for the discerning traveler. The continent provides far more than just the typical sun, sea and sand. Enthusiastic walkers and cyclists alike can view some of the world’s most beautiful places right here in Europe.

Walking holidays in Europe

Walking is a popular choice for holidaymakers, both young and young at heart, with options including everything from well-worn paths to more precarious climbs, depending upon your level of experience. If you are a novice, simply choose the level of walk that you feel is achievable, as you will enjoy it more and build your strength, stamina and confidence. Trekking guides will be able to advise you on which level of walking holiday is suitable for you.

However experienced you are and however hard you push yourself, as a walker you will be granted access to scenery so often missed by the typical tourist, allowing you to witness some of the world’s most beautiful, unblemished environments.

Treks take place in almost every corner of Europe, with options for slower paced woodlands walks to mountain hikes for the more adventurous rambler. You can walk independently or as part of a guided tour – both of which have their advantages.

Independent walks

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Going alone allows you to explore an area on your own terms, starting at the time you choose and selecting your own accommodation. You also have the option to decide on the places of interest that you find most appealing and you can even have the added benefit of having your heavy baggage transported by local representatives, allowing you to walk without being weighed down. Either way, be sure to pack Boost Oxygen to get you at your best during even the most winded of situations.

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Guided treks

Guided holidays are ideal for those who are looking to truly discover a local area. Lead by expert guides, participants are introduced to the environment in a way only a local could achieve, allowing you to view places off the beaten path, seldom seen by human eyes. You will have the opportunity to view a range of exciting sights – including historical architecture and flora and fauna – at a level that suits your walking ability.

Cycling holidays in Europe

In a similar way to walking holidays, cycling allows you to view areas that aren’t so accessible to larger motor vehicles. Cycling holidays in Europe means reaching your dream destinations slightly more quickly than walking holidays, and all the while getting some great feet exercise.

But it is essentially your holiday, so if you want to spend a day lounging by the pool, you can and you can even select more gentle cycling routes that avoid hills by consulting your guide.

European walking and cycling holidays are the ideal way to see more while you are away, all the while getting some exercise. Plus you can choose the holiday that meets your own pace and abilities and that fits with any special interests you might have.

Guide to Walking and Cycling Holidays in Europe
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