5 Ways To Make A Visual Impact With Interior Design

5 Ways To Make A Visual Impact With Interior Design

Our homes can feel a little dull and stale over time, and if you want to create some changes in your interior design to make it more interesting, you’re not alone. People usually fall out of love with their color palette; accessories start feeling dated, and trends they use to enjoy become less interesting.

If you’re looking for fun ways to spruce up your home, we’ve got some tips for you. Below are some great methods to add visual impact with interior design.

Use colors to add visual impact

Color in an interior design is the most real and simple way to add a visual impact. Before choosing a color for your home, you’ll need to think about the feel, function, and dimension of your space. Whether your home gets enough natural light or not will also be a deciding factor in picking a color. A dark color palette can add real drama to space while making it more inviting and cozy. And if you want to achieve a calm feel, you may want to tone down the color palette. A neutral color palette is the latest trend, so bright and light doesn’t necessarily mean white.

Adding biscuit and oatmeal shades help create a restful and warming feel in an area which proves that light spaces don’t have to feel stark. You can also use colors to divide or make zones in a space; adding a color block above a desk defines a work area, or you can create a play area in your basement or living room with zoned color choices.

Furniture for a visual impact in interior design

Furniture in an interior design creates a huge visual impact and also sets the tone for space. Adding furniture in a space is both functional and aesthetical; you can use some pieces to add a dash of color to the room.

Nowadays, there are so many furniture styles available to select from and with varying price points. You can either give a new life to your old furniture by changing the upholstery or buy some brand new pieces. And if you’re a little handy, you always have the option of taking a DIY project for creating your furniture. 

When it comes to buying or adding furniture, you’ll have to consider your rooms’ size and also the furniture’s size. And take the “less is more approach” when going shopping for furniture as too many furniture pieces in any space can feel heavy and cluttered.

5 Ways To Make A Visual Impact With Interior Design

Utilize lighting to create a visual impact

Choosing lighting for your home can be tricky to contend with, especially if your home has a pitched roof or low ceiling. It’s important to understand that our eyes subconsciously move in the way of the light. Usually, lighting bulbs are designed to throw light down towards the floor or up to the ceiling. By considering this, you have to choose whether you want the space to have a cozier feeling or the illusion of a higher ceiling.

In order to create a visual impact in your home, it’s useful to have different options of each. Downlighting, which is often used in floor lamps and table lamps, works amazingly as task lighting to showcase particular features of interior space. They brilliantly direct the eye to exactly where it’s needed to be.

Art for visual impact in interior design

One of the easiest ways to create visual impact in a room is by adding beautiful, eye-catching artwork. Depending on the amount of money you want to invest in, you can opt for a classic art piece like a spectacular sculpture or an impressive painting.

If you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, then you can always go with posters or canvas prints to give a new touch to your space. Get a little creative, make a fabric piece with sticking colors or prints, frame it beautifully, and hang it as your statement piece.

You can also consider framing a motivational quote printed in handwriting fonts from Font Bundles for a more realistic look. A motivational framed quote hanging in your living space will cheer you up and make you feel great. It’s a great way to add positivity to your day.

Wallpapers to create visual impact in interior design

Adding wallpaper in your home is a relatively easy way to create a huge visual impact without altering the walls too much. You can always go with trendy bold, and daring patterns or accent walls. While creating an accent wall, you can apply an eye-catching wallpaper or mural on one wall and paint the rest of the room in a shade that would bring out your accent wall even better.

Bold living space isn’t for everyone, but if you want to create impactful changes in your home, then these are some great tips to get started. Switch up your color palette, change the furniture or invest in some beautiful atmospheric lighting to alter the feel of your space from bland to the ultimate welcoming and cozy haven.

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