5 Reasons To Visit Portland In The Summer

5 Reasons To Visit Portland In The Summer

A trek to the Pacific Northwest may seem like a big undertaking, but it can be one of the best choices you make when traveling. While there are many amazing destinations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and the uppermost sections of California, Portland is the premier destination in our opinion. Here are 5 Reasons To Visit Portland In The Summer that we know will convince you that this is one trip you really must make alone, as a couple or as a family.

5 Reasons To Visit Portland In The Summer

One Hour From The Coast:

A quick and easy drive will take you right to the ocean. Not only are you within easy driving distance of amazing views and the smells of the ocean, there are literally hundreds of things to do at the coast. If you like to surf, Oregon even has amazing beaches and surf shops. Want a fun ocean side bonfire? This is the place to go. Like to sail or want to do some deep sea fishing? Look no further than the coast. You can even drive to see the area that the famous movie Goonies was filmed.

Multnomah Falls:

Within a half hour of Portland are some of the most breathtaking waterfalls you will ever encounter. Not only can you hike and be up close and personal with this wonder of nature, you will have tons of other great waterfalls within the area to explore and photograph. This is one of the most beautiful things you will witness in the United States.

Amazing Weather:

There seriously is almost no place as wonderful to spend your summer months than Portland. With only 1-2 weeks a year of high temperatures and humidity, it is a destination for those seeking cooler, yet warm temperatures. Average summer days in the 70-80 degree range with nights as low as 50 degrees, this is the perfect city to visit and cool off if you are from a warmer and more humid climate. Enjoy all the fun of summer outdoor activities without the oppressive heat of other locations.

Year Round Active Night Life & Culture:

Whether you are a tech geek, a poet, an artist or a musician you will find something on every corner to occupy your time and introduce you to other like minded individuals. Sports, local teams, bicycling and health are at the forefront, but great food and music are popular too. No matter your walk of life there is something for you to do in the city year round. The downtown area is thriving with small shops, business, restaurants and local artistry.

You Won’t Have To Pump Your Own Gas: This local to Oregon fact is perhaps not the only reason to visit the area, but it is certainly a bonus for those like myself who hate getting out in the heat to pump gas. Due to local state laws, you are not allowed to pump your own gas. Great friendly attendants handle that for you at area gas stations.

If you are planning a unique and fun getaway, or a week long family vacation you can’t go wrong with this amazing Pacific Northwest destination. These 5 reasons to visit Portland in the summer are just a tiny look into the city that offers so much to anyone willing to visit. From artwork, galleries, nightlife, local natural beauty and national parks to food carts and food events, once you arrive you won’t want to leave!

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