Review: Vegas Indoor Skydiving Offers Family Fun in Sin City

Have you ever wanted to feel like you were flying? Maybe you dream of jumping from a plane to skydive to the Earth below but are just not ready to conquer that fear. In the beautiful and happening city of Las Vegas, NV lies a place that you can experience the thrilling sensation of skydiving, without a parachute or airplane, Vegas Indoor Skydiving!

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Open to all ages, Vegas Indoor Skydiving allows you to fly through the air as a 1,000 horsepower motor keeps you soaring through air in America’s original indoor skydiving facility. The propeller turns on and the air begins to flow. You’re floating, flying, free falling through the air with wind speeds up to 120 mph.

While the city offers a lot of action, no other Las Vegas attraction will not offer you the chance to defy gravity! If you are looking for a way to truly get lifted to the heavens, you crave adrenaline-inducing fun, or you simply want to try something epic on your Vegas vacation, come test your limits on this exhilarating simulated skydive. Try it more than once, and reach new heights every time!

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience that Vegas Indoor Skydiving offers. They are open 7 days a week and pre-flight classes start every 30 minutes. It is rare you will have a long wait time. Though, I suggest booking your flight time online to ensure you get the time you want. Make sure to use promo code USFAM17 to get $15 off of each single flight Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Book online at

Use promo code USFAM17 to get $15 off of each single flight Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Book online at

Sadly, due to weight requirements a few of us were unable to enjoy the fun. Women under 5′ 6” must weight no more than 160. Men between 5′ 6” – 6′ must weight 220 or under as well. This cut my husband, I and both of my daughters out of the fun. We do completely understand that the weight limits are based on aerodynamics and that guests who do not meet the Vegas Indoor Skydiving suggested flight guidelines may not be able to generate enough lift to fly.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving
200 Convention Center Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 731-4768

Notable mentions: Voted the “Most Unique Family Attraction” in Las Vegas! Experience the thrill of skydiving without an airplane! Vegas Indoor Skydiving is a vertical wind tunnel that simulates the freefall aspect of skydiving. 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor!

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