Create unique and unusual children’s rooms

Every child needs their very own space – somewhere that they can claim as their own area, a place where they are able to create their mini adventures and mysteries.


Of course, not all families can afford to devote a room per child, but the glories of the Kidspace brand of furniture and accessories means that even in homes where space is at a premium, children will be able to share their room with their siblings and still have a sufficiently generous area all to themselves. The creation of imaginative storage furniture as well as neat and compact bunk beds means that everyone using the bedroom will be able to use the room without too much squabbling over territory. Surplus toys and other belongings can be stored in imaginative plastic containers and specially designed storage solutions.


All of the furniture in this Woolworths’ range is stylishly designed with kids in mind. A bed, for example can be disguised as a castle or a tent. Wardrobes come in bright colors which makes tidying up more fun. Most of the beds have fitted drawers in the base so that every inch of floor space can be used by the children as a play area. You’ll also find furniture that is specially designed to give kids a space in which to do their homework. Pinks and blues are just a few of the colours used on the furniture though for those who prefer a more modern industrial look, steel bunk beds are also available.

Chalkboard table


Kids will love the bunk beds that are designed with a fitted desk at the base of the bed as well as a wardrobe and shelves. The whole concept is one of fun and practicality. The kids might not appreciate the skill behind the designs – but they will enjoy being in their own personal territory!

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