Preparing Well For An Unexpected Child

Preparing Well For An Unexpected Child

Preparing Well For An Unexpected Child

Becoming pregnant is a wonderful thing. It really shows you the miracle of life in a real, undeniable way. Having a child, no matter who you are, also imbues your life with meaning. It can also be a time of complete worry and stress. This goes double if the pregnancy is unexpected. Luckily, if this happens to you, nature has given you nine months to prepare in whatever capacity you can. This means straightening out your affairs, lessening your bad habits or preferably cutting them out entirely, and resolving your methods for looking after the child well.

There are many important things to get right when hoping to look after a child. We have listed some of the most important here:


Not all relationships work out, and the pressure of a child can make this even more intensely true. Many people think having a child brings the parents together, and sometimes it can, but sometimes it can also place too much pressure on those, especially when it comes to something so massive being so unexpected and coming out of left field. If you can, simply try to preserve the relationship where there might be some.

Yourself and your partner might not be together, and you many never be, but that doesn’t mean this is the time to make some fast bonds and guarantees with each other. If you can, just try to stay together as friends so you both take care of the new responsibilities you both bear. Worried parents are best suited worrying about the child and not the finer points of the relationship. That can come later. If you can, get in touch with those you love and build your support network, that puts you in a much stronger position also. People who love you will happily band around you at this time, so don’t be afraid to put the requests for help out there.


During maternity it’s unlikely that you’ll be earning a great deal of money, or even hold a job. Your finances matter here. If you and a partner can, discuss and research the cost of raising a baby. Prepare yourself by saving as much money as you can, and if that means selling goods, connecting to family members for help, or preemptively signing up for the appropriate welfare, it’s important to get that resolved in these preparatory days.


You need to know where you’re hoping to stay. You needn’t have your own perfect apartment, but finding out where you can live and more importantly finding stability, even if that’s with your parents, should be your first priority. Then and only then can you begin the work towards baby proofing and purchasing the correct equipment for your child to be well looked after during their first stay in their first home.

You must make sure the accommodation is secure, warm, clean and isn’t too noisy to a degree that can upset a child.
With these three tips, the worry and awe of becoming pregnant in an unexpected way can be less of a worrying experience to undergo. The more protected you are the better, because you can then afford more time to the healthy maintenance of your body and mind, as well as looking forward to the birth of your beautiful baby.

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