Essential Traveling Promotional Gift Items for 2019!

Essential Traveling Promotional Gift Items for 2019!

The professional of countless industries spends weekends on the road. Some of them fly for conferences and client meetings and others visit for the family vacation trip. Therefore, carefully-packed suitcase and other travel-related products are necessary. Targeting the frequent traveler with travel promotional items will give your brand a great exposure in the local community.   

From personalized mementos to custom totes and towels, all these custom gift bundles will make the journey of the travelers enjoyable and interesting. So, while choosing these travel-friendly products for travelers, give priority to high-quality branded gifts, which are fully functional and has great value in the market. In regard to increasing brand awareness, the business owners need to help their customers in the packing process by giving away following travel promotional items at the next industry event.  


The first place among travel-friendly items is a backpack. This appreciated promotional item is home for all the necessary things that are important for the campaigns. Backpacks look fantastic with company’s logo embroidered, which allow you to considerably raise understanding of your brand. But, ensure that the provided promo backpack is capacious and waterproof. In addition, the item must have a hard bottom, a compacted back and reliable belts that during the hike will not crash into the shoulders. If the backpack is not large enough, then this will create additional inconvenience during the trip.   

Travel Kits

Traveling with liquid and other cosmetic products is a hassle. Deodorant, contact lens containers, eyeglasses, liquid cosmetic products, and others all are necessary during traveling. But giving away or providing individual promotional safe travel kit is an ideal medium for business advertising. These bags are designed with great care to enable the customers to flaunt their eye-catching look and high-end utilities. A variety of promotional travel kits are available ranging from leather to nylon. These promotional travel kits are silkscreened with a logo and marketing message to make this kit specific to your brand.    

Power Bank

Promotional power banks are stylish and simple aluminum power banks. These products are an increasingly popular product for marketing brands due to their high utility and demand. This power bank works to charge music players, smartphones, and tablets. By offering branded and high-quality promotional power banks with your company logo, the business will able to improve its visibility among thousands of customers. As the client or customers will use such promotional giveaway regularly on trips, as the brand awareness will increase.  

Water Bottle

Water bottles are considered as a healthy and safe traveling item to keep the clients hydrated throughout their day of travel activities. These promotional giveaways are convenient for travelers with a long day of business meetings or at the conference rooms. Therefore, in regards to achieving immense power and exposure of your brand, imprinting company’s logo and message on such items. This will give your brand a unique and qualitative look in clients’ eyes.   

Umbrella & Other Weather Protection Items

For light packing, one of the most often important things for traveling is an umbrella. This promotional umbrella is easy to use and maintain as very efficient and durable. This customizable umbrella is available in multiple colors with the company’s logo and message imprinting. Due to excellent quality and durability, these promotional umbrellas are appreciated by a large number of clients.   

Promotional Umbrella is an effective business gift that offers practicability and is useful in a rainy climate and summer from the protection of the sun. Besides an umbrella, the other useful things that need to consider are sunglasses, high protection sunscreen, sun lotion, sunglasses, hats and hats, repellents and fumigators.  

Travel Neck Pillow

The comfortable neck pillow is specially made for comfort traveling, which fits into a pouch for convenient storage. These are available in calm, neutral colors with the highlight company’s logo, which creates a peaceful sleep environment. These customized neck pillows are great promotional product freebies to market your brand. Such gifts are composed of various fabric material in regards to customize your branding ideas. This relaxing essential will five better profits to your business and easily get the nod of your audience.  


Everyone wants to travel in comfort. By offering comfortable eye-mask to your customers for their journey, they will feel relax and catch some shut-eye on long flights or unwind in their hotel room after a long drive. With your logo imprinted on this leisure item. Your brand will get a huge benefit in terms of revenue and sales. Always focus on the quality and brand of the products while offering such items to your customers.   

First-Aid Kit

An optimal set of the first-aid kit in travel should include such tools that can be useful to you and your companions. This kit is packed with hygiene products, which includes bandage, antiseptic, aesthetic, activated carbon and a remedy for the stomach, an anti-allergy drug, insect repellent, and a remedy for burns. The hygiene products like toothpaste and brush, soap, disposable shampoos, sunscreen, toilet paper, comb, towel are the must.  

Overall Takeaways  

Finally, the above-mentioned items will help you out from any unforeseen situations. These most important items are available in the market as promotional products that are useful to promote your business. Keep in mind that proper packaging of personal belongings in a backpack allows you to fit more and deliver your clothes not mint.    

Author Bio: I am Jane Douglas associated with “Aquaholic” to working here as marketing manager. It’s Singapore based famous door gift, corporate gift supplier company. Offer quality gifts items for business branding.

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  1. I have found out the hard way that it is important to be prepared when traveling! Thanks for the list 🙂

  2. I’ve found that a well designed backpack is best for me for everyday carry. Especially with electronics, a purse doesn’t work as well. I like all the pockets for my essentials.

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