How To Buy The Perfect Dress For You

How To Buy The Perfect Dress For You

Dresses are so wonderfully versatile and can be worn in loads of different situations. While this is definitely a positive, it also works as a bit of a negative. Mainly, you’re left with so many options when it’s time to buy a new dress.

How do you make the right decision and ensure you spend your money wisely? Well, follow these tips, and you’ll always find the perfect dress for any occasion:

Think about why you need the dress

First and foremost, consider why you’re buying the dress. What’s the occasion? Do you need it for a friend’s wedding, are you going to a formal/prom, or is it just something to wear during the summer? If you understand why you’re wearing the dress, this allows you to look at the correct types of dresses. A dress for a party is going to be different from one for a formal, so make sure you’re looking in the right places from the start!

Set a budget

Think about how much you’re willing to spend on your dress. Some people may think money is no object, just as long as they find the perfect one for them. For others, they might not have the luxury of being able to splash the cash. Here, the reason for buying your dress comes into play as well. A formal dress will always be more expensive and require you to spend more money than if you’re looking for a simple summer dress. So, think about this, think about how much you can spend, and you’ll have a budget that lets you ignore some of the more expensive options out there.

Shop around

It’s common to only look at a handful of brands when buying a new dress. You know they do decent dresses as you’ve purchased from them before, but this closes off so many options. Instead, shop around and look at other brands that you may not have considered previously. If you follow Filly Flair, you’ll see plenty of different dresses in styles and colors that you might not have seen before. There are loads of great brands out there, so shop around, and you’ll have a better chance of finding your dream dress for your dream price.

Think about your body type

We’re all different, which means some of us have a vastly different body type to others. As such, what looks good on you may not look good on someone else – and vice versa. Therefore, you need to take body type into consideration – find a dress that compliments your body! There’s a video above that explains how to dress for your body type in more detail, so give it a watch if you’re interested.

Know what colors work for you

One final point; know what colors work for you. A fantastic dress can look awful if you don’t suit the color, so figure out what looks best on you, then find dresses in your best colors!

Right, that just about sums everything up! The next time you’re looking to buy a dress, then think about all of these points. You’ll be able to buy something worth the money and makes you feel incredible.

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  1. I haven’t bought dresses since I retired from work but I’ve been thinking about getting some for summer.

  2. It’s been a long time since i’ve been dress shopping! Thanks for the tips!

  3. I am getting a new dress for Mother’s Day! I love bright colorful dresses during this time of the year with a nice pair of sandals.

  4. I’m not much of a dress person although I do purchase new ones for weddings. I have one coming up the end of this summer. I tend to shop at Dress Barn due to sales and text coupons.

  5. These are great tips! Thank you. I am so excited that Summer is coming and the weather will be warmer so dress wearing. I just love dresses 🙂

  6. I wear black all the time since I am bigger. I buy other colors but always go back to black.

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